AFSB: Day 5

3:50 PM

Mysore, June 29th, 

Patriotic songs will be broadcasted to room speakers at 5:30 a.m, which is the alarm. You will be asked to report at 6:45 a.m or so to 2 officers after which you should go to places where you will be allotted tasks.

Today (the last day) is the conference where each candidate will be asked questions by one person from a jury. You will basically be "identified" as the person whose test papers the people in the jury have. It last for a maximum of 2 minutes after which you will have lunch and wait for the results.

The results are petty in number, less than 10 usually, it was 6 among 65 of us. The six of them will stay for form filling again and the medical tests. While we were returned to the bus stand and the railway station.

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I've never been patriotic, neither have I had the passion to work in the Short Services Commission. I don't regret having not given my best or treat this as a failure because, I wanted this to happen. I'm perfectly okay or glad about what happened. But its a pretty nice place if you want to be in the Indian services and lead a safe/plain life. Its not suitable for people who want to explore like in "Before Sunrise".

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