My SSB experience

4:02 PM

Mysore, June 25th- June 29th,

This is my experience with the Air Force Selection board or AFSB.

I passed the AFCAT, which was unexpected. It was pretty much simpler compared to placement papers these days. I also got my call letter which said I had to spend a week at Mysore. The date was June 25th and I got ready as the day finally came. I did go through a few experiences that were blogged about with enough preparation.

I've never stayed at hostels my entire life, I mean these 21 years. It was never new to me that I had to stay for 5 days without my parents at a place other than my home. I am extremely adaptable, and I had no problem at all in living with people who will never hate me. That is, hoping they din't.

The procedure after the primary tests (PPDT and Aptitude) is
1. Psychological, Physical (group tasks) and the Interview
2. Recommendation
3. Medical test
4. Training for almost a year after Jan 2013
5. Selection

The people who get recommended (I din't) are very less, around 6/65 in my batch and those who get selected are only 2 or 3.

The day-wise details can be found below.

Day 1                          Day 2                             Day 3                            Day 4                             Day 5

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