Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dil Chahta Hai - The Heart Desires

Yes, I am writing this with swollen eyes.

Haven't been a big fan of Hindi movies, I still ain't one. But this one movie was recommended by almost every soul I met, here in Pune.

Dil Chahta Hai, forget the director, producer, stars, music and stuff. Let's talk about something people like in it,. The story and the natural-ity in it. If you haven't watched it yet, you must read the last 4 paragraphs, then go watch it, ASAP.

It's like a story of 3 friends, simple, yet deeply emotional. No artificiality, no masala (not exactly), no action, yet, this has been one good movie to have spent the night with.

Let's get there now, why am I writing about this? Truth is, I have no idea.

See, even after this movie I'm like what? Love? Nah, I'm good. So this isn't really a transforming movie. But there were many parts of the movie which did show true affection towards your better half. I respect that though.

The catch is that the story is no where even near my life.
College Friends (the 3 of them)- Did you say 'friends'? Lol.
A 2 week relationship (Aamir Khan's) - As if I have time for that, I love working more.  
A weird relationship, (Akshaye Khanna's) - No thanks.
A random relationship (Saif's) - I'd rather not have a love life at all.

Why should it only be about relationships?

Let's talk friends,. There goes my raised eyebrow accompanied with that grin I always bear when I take the word 'friends'. Me being forever alone has not only been about relationships, it by default includes having no one apart from your parents.

There is a very good part when Aamir Khan, who is in Sydney, feels lonely and calls up his friend (Sameer) just to talk to for awhile. He ends up reaching Sid's phone (Akshaye Khanna) with whom he had had a fight. Even though the scene ends with tears, there is just so much meaning in those tears of Aamir Khan. The best part is when you don't know what to conclude of it.

Now, let's say a problem, nope,. let's say there is a good news; "I got promoted.!" Who do I call? 1.Mom, 2. Dad, 3.hmm,. 4.um,. 5.uhm,. 6.okay,. 7.this is weird, 8.hehe,. - story of my life. You might feel much better if I'd add that; this did happen to me some 3 months back.

It sounds pathetic to say you don't have anyone, but you can't but get used to it if you know what has been happening, is happening, and will happen to you. If there is anyone in the whole wide world who can define me what friends are, it'd be awesome.

Feels awesome every single time to hear someone say, "Haan yaar, kahan pe ho?", "Abbey saala" or "Saala tum! Kaise ho?", but when school and college memories are almost dead, for good,. whom do you suggest I talk to? I can talk to people,. But people...

People think you are weird, they run away from you and your company, they make fun of you every day, they humiliate you, they are always happy to hurt you, they treat you like you aren't there, but you still can't stop talking to them or stop being trustworthy.

When no one even comes closer, where is the possibility of making friends? Where is the possibility of someone liking you? Love will never be in the equation, let's skip that.

This post is like one of those movies with a very simple sa climax. I know this post is not really in a very good shape. But I did want to write. 

That heavy heart that cannot talk, writes.

P.S: Will jabber digital marketing very soon. 

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  1. just chill out :) keep you occupied... you wont feel lonely :) tc :)