Monday, September 23, 2013

Cave 1- Bedse Caves

Must I say how awesome it was to travel alone? Or must I just explain the significance of the Bedse Caves? Or must I guide a trip here?

Let me just do all of it.

Why travel alone? Read from here.

Bedse Caves (Partly from wiki, edited as per the archeological guide):

There were 2 caves. One is the main one with the Stupa which was used for meditating and the other on the right, which was for living aka the 'vihara'. The caves face east so that the light enters the cave early in the morning. Bedse Caves are comparatively less known and less visited. People know about the nearby Karla Caves and Bhaja Caves but have hardly heard of Bedse Caves. 

A very famous incident is told about the caves: Until around 1861, the carvings on the walls and the Stupas were in proper condition. A British Officer, after hearing about this arranged his visit there. When the local officer came to know about this, he urgently employed labor to clean and paint the walls of the caves. But the British officer said to remove the paint, saying it spoils the original beauty. 

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Panorama of the stairs and the view

The 'Vihara'
Bath of the Buddhists
From just outside the 'Vihara'

Inside of the Vihara

Couldn't be more beautiful

The main cave containing the 'Stupa'

The 'Stupa'
The space/path behind the pillars in the Stupa  cave

Spotted Mr.Crabby. 

Posed before leaving

How I reached: 

Took the 10 am train from Shivajinagar Railway Station, Pune. Reached Kamshet, walked further asking for a ride to the Bedse Village (Ask for 'leni', which is caves in Marathi). A Sumo van took me and 14 others, dropped me at the start of the Bedse Gaon took 10 bucks and left. It sure was a long walk to the caves from where I got down. And btw, it's almost around 400 steps, to the caves. 

Best to Have: Lots of water, some food (I survived the whole day on Dairy Milk), will to walk (else take your bike or hire an auto), shoes, a shawl, a 'shanth' heart. 

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The heavenly road

At the foot.

The return journey:

With slightly weak legs, I climbed down, walked for like 2-3 kms, Reached the end of the Bedse village, waited for a van to drop me at Kamshet. No van came, and I started walking, in less than a couple of kilometers an uncle stopped for my thumbs up and offered me a lift to Kamshet. Got down, walked to the railway station and for the ~3:20 train back to Pune (Shivajinagar).


My Pic on Instagram:

2 more caves to go! Yay!

What caves have you been to?



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