Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heavenly Malvan - Day 1

We had taken the ST bus from Pune (Swargate) to Malvan, at 8:30 p.m, which was delayed by an hour or so. In due time we were prepared to take the last seats of the bus. It was hell.

We reached Malwan at around 8:00 a.m. Looked out for rooms to drop our rucksacks. We found someone salesy who first asked if I was 'ladies' and was real bad at selling things. The other men with me seemed to give in for a stay for 2 days at the same place, since we were told it's going be full everywhere else. I din't give in, afterall it was Diwali, who was gonna be staying at Malvan. We ended up booking there just for a day, hoping we would get rooms elsewhere. Hence, I would NOT suggest Swastik lodging at Malvan.

We then took a short nap, and set out to roam. We went on foot, mostly because most places are near, within almost 4 kilometers.

Without a plan for day 1, we decided to go to the Chivala beach. We walked to the beach to find a nuclear family and no one else. The view was beautiful and the sun was shining hard. I do not know swimming and am not a fan of getting wet on the beach. So I stayed doing nothing but clicking pictures with foot level water.

Post that on our way back we found Vaasanti Niwas and went to enquire their rates. We also found that their rate were far more reasonable and standardized and that they were MTDC approved, which not many inns were. Still thinking of options, we lunched at Hotel Konark then left to the Sindudurg Fort that was very well-known to the tourists.

We went to the Sindudurg jetty from where the boat took us to the fort. We were to spend an hour there, which flew like real quick.

There were stalls inside the fort where we quenched our thirst, with limbu pani. 


The water looked so pure from the top of the fort. It slowly began to get dark, as it neared an hours time.

We were taken by the same boat back to the jetty and decided to sleep early that night because we had had a bumpy ride and we had a long list to be covered the next day. We also found this map at Vaasanti Niwas,

We ate at Konark again, this time at another restaurant inside it. We had 2 panner sabjis and butter chapatis, for lunch & dinner. The food was good enough, but we decided to try the Malvan home-made food post that day.

We went had a good bath, looked at the photos we had taken and fell asleep like babies.

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