Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Movie Review: Velai Illa Pattadhari aka VIP (Tamil)


Why you should watch this movie?

- This is probably the first Dhanush movie that has meaning and a useful message to the unemployed youth and their families of Tamilnadu.
- There is a story and a plot that is well executed.
- Heroism is portrayed in a bearable way.
- A good combinations of emotions- sentiment, comedy, romance, action, drama.
- Nothing is too much. Circumstances are natural.


The story is of Dhanush, who, like in all his movies, is as natural as the boy next door. He is unemployed even after 5 years of completion of his engineering course. His brother who is "3 years younger to him", works in some goddamn IT company. Which makes the father hold a grudge against the elder son, Raghuvaran (Dhanush). Not to forget the loving and caring mother who always backs him up.

He wants to see the girl next door, Amala Paul, desperately. In the process he makes a minor telescope to peek into her bedroom, from his terrace. Just when you might think, "This is just another bullshit movie..". There is the part where the heroine's mom says "Raghu gets offers, but only wants to work in his field of specialization."

Now this makes sense and helped me be glued to the rest of the movie.

Raghu and Shalini are now in love. He works for one month in a call center to earn enough to gift an iPhone to Shalini. Which seems stupid, but things like this happen everyday. And he ends up helping his brother instead, and not gifting the phone. Good!

Just as a partiality related fight happens and he refrains talking to his parents, a disaster occurs, where he does not pick up the phone from his mom.

He returns home to find her dead. Our poor depressed hero regrets for not picking up the phone. Deeply sentimental, yet makes you ponder.

Shortly, a man visits with his daughter, says that his mom's organ donation saved his daughter's life. And that they are grateful to them. Soon, Raghu joins the man's construction business, on request, which was just what he had always wanted. In 6 months, he is handed a new project, slum clearance.

It's true that when you do what you love, you progress faster. 

The rest of the movie is how he faces obstacles in his construction career for doing good. We all know how it is. He succeeds too with the help of social media and the support of the unemployed youth community.

Verdict: An engineer who wants to do what he really wants to do. Ill effects of not picking up a call from family. Organ donation. Slum clearance... Too much goodness. Not to forget the excessive smoking too, they could have done something about this. 

It's worth your money and your time. Go watch it if you haven't yet.