Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let's talk about love and marriage

We know love is this weird feeling. That mystical feeling of being liked and wanted by someone. We've all had that.

Most of them romantic movies we see and love are not any different from fairy tales or fiction. Yet, we love them. Man or woman we wish for it to happen to us someday. Tell me there aren't men waiting for a Jessie to be their neighbor or there aren't women waiting for a man to plough fields or travel a thousand miles for her. We want miracles to happen to us. It's just how human we are.

First move?

In today's social world we are hit with too many surprise proposals wherein the viewers go aww.. and weep in happiness. It has always been a matter of doubt as to why men do so much for women. When both the sexes are dependent on each other equally why do men have to do so much? Why is the expectation set this way? Is it because she will have to put up with so much in the future: the mother-in-law, the pregnancy, the kids, the shores, and the likes or is she just too hard to please or just too attractive?

Actually, let's face it, we all need to pass on our genes for the human race to sustain. And attraction and being attracted-to is an important part of doing it. Display is very important in species of frogs, birds and even crabs.

Logically speaking, we have a DNA that learns and we all know we have evolved from the apes. It's from the apes, that we have defaulted that the men take the first move. Female apes just chill waiting for the right ape to come along. It does not end for the male ape here, he struggles to keep the woman from falling for other male apes.

Which... is similar to (or exactly) how we work. Compete for the girl, marry her, mate, and make sure she's with you all her life.

Keeping evolution aside and the real world as the subject arena, let's talk on love as an emotion capable of great things. In the real world women dress to impress, many a times they dress to entertain calling it their right. Men enjoy all that they get and get greedy very often. But most men like the male apes try hard to keep the female to themselves and not to ruin the relationship.

Love has evolved and it's NOT as good as you think

In the 15 days that I lived in a hostel in Hyderabad, I experienced the worst of my experiences with women. That was also when I stopped being online post 11pm. Women who are in a relationship who do not push off other men hitting on them, do *not* have my respect. Nor do the men who flirt with the most beautiful woman in the room.

Multitasking in relationships are getting common and people are becoming wide-minded about non-virgins. There might be arguments about a woman's virginity until marriage. Well, those who are, expect the other to be one. How much one (man and a woman) can expect on this greatly depends on their previous love life. In today's social world many open minded women are open to men who have had experiences. What generosity! Same goes for men too. Is there an option?

Having a boyfriend or a girlfriend has become a thing to boast about today and we are going with the flow. Those who aren't, are either unlucky* or dumb.

Those women who hate multitasking men, better not fall for one. And those men who hate women for what they have become these days,. Well, I think I might fall for someone like that.


True love is so rare to find and it might not end in marriage, but marriage can be the beginning of true love. 

And that is what most 'mid-twenty men and women' have come to terms with. Marriages will hopefully survive better because of the respect of the menage and the growing casual lifestyle.

And yes it's cute when people end up marrying their love.

Big fat weddings are like the parents' dream come true. The woman has a husband to help her with the shopping and the children and she shall not die alone. The man has a home to come back to, and a wife to help him with the cooking.

*Some are just plain unlucky in love. Man or woman; these unlucky ones maybe liked by the other gender, but never loved. Maybe because he/she is too passionate and wants something else in life, let's say,. like the happiness of life along with the joy of travelling. Even if devoid of love, he/she might be a great lover. She might imagine waking up to him every morning. She might fantasize about growing old with him. She might be that genuine lover, true at heart. But definitely not marriage material. Let thou die alone.

And let there be love <3