Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mad Max and the mad mad world

Mad Max Fury Road is the very first of the Mad Max movies I saw, and fell in love with. So much in love that I'd see it ninety seven more times. There is everything that a movie needs, and a connection (atleast I felt one).

The scene when Max hands the sniper over to Furiosa, because he thinks she'd take a good shot, truly touched me and I'll just call it 'love' rather than calling it anything else. Survival & Chemistry are things that I deeply felt in this movie. Filmed chemistry, yes, but that's equally difficult to witness these days. And the movie swept me off my entire body.

The movie made an ample amount of sense to me, and I sure am mad about it.

The Mad Mad World 

So apart from having a day job and freelancing, I signed up to experience the YouTube world. We've been working on something and here's a peek -

Yep, they made me a different person, put makeup on my face, nail paint, lipstick, mascara and all that. It felt so fake and so much better after removing it. The video will be out soon, nothing but drama though.

Makeup- People complimented, but coming to think of it, everyone looks beautiful with makeup. Being beautifully happy without makeup is the real challenge. Infact, TV/media/drama is nothing without makeup. And sometime back, models and women removing makeup infront of an audience was considered a bold move. Lol.

Movies, serials, advertisements, everyone (everything) on TV wears make-up (are made-up). And for people who hate the BB Cream ad; FYI, it's one of the fastest moving FMCGs. [As heard from an e-comm resource.]

People in the Media- As everyone says, the media is all drama, but the people who put up with it and get used to it everyday are those worth empathizing for. They work, hard, to bring fantasy and drama to the people, via the TV. They know the ugly truths, the ugly lives of the stars, the beautiful fantasies that is nothing but a bag full of lies, the s****ags of the industry, and a hell lot more. Mad!

And Scary

What we see everyday influences us, but it shouldn't. I'm en-route to moksha and I see stuff everyday that tries to piss me off and I try to get back on track to nirvana. Waking up to a clean-slate and an amazing morning everyday lowers the risk of me falling for the mediocre.

"Everybody thinks I am against marriages and that I am a modern woman. Which is a complete myth."

I love marriages. I cry at marriages. I want to fall in love, marry in a tuxedo, without wearing makeup. I do, very much, want to fall in love. But what's scary is the who & when of it. I am perfectly happy with my life as a loner and I have issues with trusting people and falling in love. Which is directly influenced by the people I see everyday.

I am independent and I believe in love and in the concept of a marriage. I want to wake up to to the same person every morning, love him like he's me, go places together, fight but talk it out, grow old together and lead a beautiful life.

Trying to reason it out- 

Maybe it's Bangalore and it's young crowd that couples up for all the wrong reasons, or it's the generation's fault for lusting more than loving. Almost everyday, I see good, pure men rushing to marry, I see women craving for "it", I see young weird couples, men hitting on women, fake people, fake love, fake marriages, fake smiles.

Thankfully, nothing ever happens to me. Name any basic/creepy move of a man; nothing has ever happened. I've no one to constantly text, I don't touch my phone when I'm with people (which is very rare), no strange calls or messages. Also, I'm zero maintenance, a loner, happy as hell and a proud virgin. (Beat that!)

Being a loner means your parents constantly freak out. But what's the fun in being with people who don't deserve your time?

Infact, infatuation with the wrong(-est) person during college did happen to me. But so did true love. Thanks to his parents, they knew I wasn't the right bahu (housewife).

Relationships can wait or leave without notice. Yes I was rejected, and 'now' is my happily ever after.

Witness me live! 



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