Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kodaikanal in 2 days

1N/2D. 8 people. Kodaikanal. 

Friday night 11pm via Padmesh travels. Reached at ~8am. A tempo we had booked took us to Hotel Pleasant Stay and we checked in. Indeed a pleasant stay it was! (No sarcasm there.)

Took off to Astoria Veg, for lunch, and then to Dolphin's Nose and the places around it. Mild hikes & treks. 

Got back immediately after it, because the local festival's traffic seemed to be adding on to the weekend's rush. Ate and played dumb charades till 4am.

Next day was Berizam lake. For which the tempo driver took an amount and got us there. Good view, clean place, less crowd. Perfect place to do all the monkey stuff and spend some peace time, clicking photos, non-stop.

A spot like in Heidi, at Berizam lake.
Berizam lake
We let the driver go and waited at the Cloud Street Cafe. Beautiful place. Hep and all that. Lovely waitress!

At the cafe
Took the 7 30 bus back to Bangalore. Padmesh travels it was. The ride back was quite memorable- most of us felt nauseous, a drunkard swept the floor and made dinosaur noises. No one knew what to do and I was afraid as to what if he pukes inside that already stuffy bus? Quite terrible it was. Specially since we were in a group and we were in the rear end of the bus. 

Bonus - The Kodaikanal lake in its glory, a happy photo & an Indian Black-Jacket Panda. 

Kodaikanal lake at dusk
The smile that I live for.
Now that's one happy Panda!



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