Friday, September 25, 2015

Idea #5- The Content Generator


A website that contains jokes, puns, funny, inspirational and love quotes. All in a shareable format and a clutter-free environment

The backstory- 

I've seen a website like the one I have in mind. I've killed some time on it and it's fun to spend time moving backward and forward and reading jokes and puns. The idea appealed to me, but the website did not, not really.

The Idea- 

Imagine a website with a solid color background. 2 lines of text written somewhere in the middle of the screen, shareable without any branding. Except if the joke/pun/quote is more than 140 characters and it's being shared on Twitter.

The Content Generator
For all I know the content can be fed and fetched via Google Sheets. To start with atleast.

Would you want to build this? Get in touch with me. Let's do it! 



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