Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Impromptu - Hyderabad

This is among the trips I will never forget, unless I'm hit on the head and I forget everything.

Friday night and I was heading home from office. No one to drink with or rejoice the Friday night. No plans for the Sunday and I had the meeting with my ex-boss postponed because of the Raksha bandhan. But there was this strong urge to leave Bangalore and go somewhere on a Volvo bus. I had to drop my roomie for a bus to Chennai, and it only added on to the urge. Tried planning something to somewhere, but it was 11pm already and all I found was a ticket to Hyderabad. Kallada. Booked it.

The bus was at 11:25, and I packed a couple of tees and jeans and ran to the reporting spot, only to find the bus rushing in front of my eyes. It din't stop because my booking did not reach the driver. Probably.

And then there was a fight going on in the bar/restaurant nearby. Five to six men beating 2 men and shooing them off. And I was seeing it, wanting to hit them, wondering why I'm not scared and why I wanted to hit them. It was almost 12 and I had two ways out of there- One was to take a bus to Salem and surprise papa, and the other to find another bus that goes somewhere. Thankfully, a KPN was standing, probably waiting. I asked if there was a seat, paid a thousand bucks and then asked where the bus was headed. Hyderabad it was!

Reached, met ex-boss and his wife and freshened up at their home. Adorable chemistry, beautiful people. Then left to roam and reach Warangal and Guntur. Went to the bus station and decided to rent a bike. Sadly, all of the bikes were already gone. Also because I can't turn down a kind request I had to go to Mancherial with my ex-boss and his family. He promised me he'll get me bikes there, to roam.

And yes I did roam. 30-40kms from Mancherial, Gudem, the hill temple, then saw the dam project which was supposedly the biggest in Telangana. Found a hill temple, climbed a bit of a rocky terrain. Photos below-

The Dam Project
We played Pictionary and talked ghost stories too. Except for the stomach upset due to the restaurant food, by the end of the trip, I must say I thoroughly had fun. Missed office though.

Hopefully I'll do more impromptu trips. Impromptu and solo.



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