Friday, September 25, 2015

Startup love & Ideas

It's been too much deep writing for the past few weeks eh? Let's talk something else for a change. Ideas may be? My startup ideas are at the end of this post. 

Most people know that joining an MNC will be the last thing I will ever do. I love startups and have been associated with one ever since I graduated.

Startup Love- 

I turned down 6 MNC offers and flunked the AFSB interview to flee to Pune, this was in July 2012. I was the 15th employee and my ex-boss still wants me back. It's been 3 years now and I still am very much in love with startups.

The team of the first startup I worked with in Pune [2012].
I currently work with Tripigator as a catalyst (a role that isn't restricted to one role). Though, I majorly work with design though, strictly speaking.

Looking at the founders work day and night at what they love, is somehow so satisfying. It's sexy to see them tired. But they rarely are. And all it takes is a nap and a small chat with the other founders, to get them back on the horse. A few don't get tired only, even if they have to deal with huge data and people or stare at green lines of code all day. Oh and by the way, they don't forget to smile and greet and "Whatsup?" the people in the team. Everyday!

And when their team loves them, drinks and jams with them, it like they aren't bossy either. Startups don't really do bossy, I guess. They're just supercool people doing their stuff and getting things done to help solve a problem.

And to top off the startup love, there's TVF Pitchers- For everyone to understand what almost every Startup founder / co-founder goes through in life. A mix of friendship, love, family, sacrifice and starting up your own company. When you really feel the series, you know that these aren't just words with a comma in between them. It's passion. Burning passion. 


I wanted to startup when I was in Pune. It was too strong back then. But it isn't very strong now. May be because I cannot work that way, or I don't want to. I'm more into peace-ing out and going blank on nothing these days. And I like it. I don't want to keep thinking about something on the back of my mind, all the time.

I'm not super smart or very opinionated or business-minded or persevering or much into people pleasing or pitching. 

I've decided. So here's what I'm going to do-

I'm going to list down the ideas that I've been having. Anyone who really wants to work on something, or startup and be the 'beer', feel free to get in touch with me at

#1- The Chiip Store
#2- The Recycle Buyer Machine
#3- The Newsletter Manager
#4- Idle Monks
#5- The Content Generator

Note- I've only written about the ideas. NOT the challenges. I believe whatever the idea is, it's how you pitch it to the mass that matters. Challenges can be dealt with. 

I might be wrong to put ideas, up for takes, like this. But I can't let it rot inside of me. Do let me know if you have something to say in the comments below.



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