Friday, November 6, 2015

Movie Review: The Age of Adaline (English)

Disclaimer- For those of you who don't know; I don't really 'review' review movies, I relate them with my life and write about how I did so. The lines in Italics is me talking.

It's 1 am and I'm writing this right after the movie has ended, because I feel so light.

I din't want to start thinking about 'The Man From Earth'. (Similar plot, kindah.)

I wanted to feel the love. I wanted to write about it. I wanted to rant if I have to. I wanted to remember this movie. I wanted to write about how I felt. I wanted the feeling to be fresh.

Genre- Fantasy and romance. How well they go with each other eh?

Storyline- The story is about a woman, who has stopped aging. She does not age one day after she naturally comes back to life, when a thunder strikes her car, post an accident. There is reasoning in the narration, incase you were wondering. 

But that's not what's really important. What is, is that she has lived over a 100 years and she falls in love in the iPhone age. Like 'love' love. Yes I watch romantic movies. I love them actually. I might even make it my pass time. The pass time of watching a beautiful soul-stirring romantic movie and crying. 

Now this woman is smart, she runs away everytime anyone has a doubt about her not aging. It's a New Year party and her eyes lock with this guy who had earlier fallen for her at first sight. Note that I did not roll my eyes at this point. Not because it was just a movie or it was fantasy to top it off, but may be because I believe in it. 

He gets into the elevator with her, goes 27 floors with her and says he wants to keep in touch. She tries to drift away, no surprise there. She loves him too, no surprise there again. What's not to love in a bearded gentleman who looks at you like his soul is empty, needs filling, and his eyes, so full of kindness?

He also cooks dinner for her. Having something done for you, out of love, must be a great experience. Cooking dinner for your woman is romantic and western (?!). Must admit, I like it in a way. And I can't help but rant at this point of time. As in, why can I not meet men like that? May be I have to live a 100 years too? LOL. 

And then his eyes were feeding upon her eyes. It almost looked like they were staring into each other's souls. Amazingly real acting it was. I know because I've stared too. I know it happens. Love did happen. Recently. Only, it never remained. 

She knew it for sure now and she says it to her daughter, who is much older than her now. Like in Interstellar. Daughter pleads of her mom to fall in love and not run away again this time.

For which Adaline says-

"It's not the same when there's no future... a future together, of growing old together..."
"...Without that, love is... It's just heartbreak."

That moment I decided many things. One of which, was that, I was going to write about this movie. 

And then, he takes her to his parents' 40th anniversary, and his dad turns out to be her ex. What are the chances? Seriously? It was drama and it was alright. It was about how much he loved her back then and how hard it was for Adaline to leave him. Also a little bit about the 40-year old love, which was cute. 

An old wound, and she is identified as Adaline, by the old lover. She flees again and the young lover goes for her.

Dad asks him, "Do you love her?... Why?"
He says, "Yes... Because nothing makes sense without her."

Woah, okay. 

But then she also realizes on the way that she isn't going to run away anymore. While getting back to the bearded lover, she meets with an accident and almost dies. She's brought back to "life" by the defibrillator, by the way, again. Really, it's quite scientific too. They make it sound so, in the narration. 

I am too blinded to even question the logic here. It's the age, you see. It makes you feel things, strong things, and then renders you broken. Broken but strong. 

With another movie soon. Ciao!



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