Sunday, July 1, 2012

AFSB: Day 1

Mysore, June 25th,

We were supposed to be at 6:45 at the Mysore Railway Station. The Air Force bus took us to the center which was 2AFSB and after settling down at a hall and the head count we were 160 in number.

The first thing was the test which had verbal and non verbal, which was similar to the AFCAT except for the history and math. Very simple ones. I'm not good at (math) aptitude neither do I own an R.S.Agarwal. It was simple logical ones.

We finished the test and waited for the PPDT which is the Picture Perception and Description Test. Here a hazy image is projected and you will be asked to write down what it is according to your perspective. Then 10-15 of you will be put in a room with a jury/person to judge you discussing on what you saw in the picture, you will be expected to arrive at a conclusion. Not a problem if you din't. But make sure your story is sensible and has a positive effect. Let it be a discussion not a debate.

Then you will be asked to wait for the results which will be a rejection, in the group of 160 there were 65 who were screened in. I got in which means you will stay there for the next 4 days.

Then those who get in will be made to sit in the hall and fill forms. Cross checking will be done with all your documents like mark sheets and ID proof. You'll get tired of filling the forms. After which there will be psychological tasks (Word Association, Situation reaction, Thematic appreciation and Self Description tests). You will then have dinner and retire to your respective rooms.

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