Sunday, July 1, 2012

AFSB: Day 2

Mysore, June 26th, 

Patriotic songs will be broadcasted to room speakers at 5:30 a.m, which is the alarm. You will be asked to report at 6:45 a.m or so to 2 officers after which you should go to places where you will be allotted tasks.

I had GT (group tasks) on the first day where you will be briefed by a Group Testing Officer (GTO) about the nature of the tasks. It requires the effort of your whole group so you will be required to coordinate or be supportive about how they act. Two Group Discussions (the usual GD kind) and one Group Planning (with a map and a problem) took place.

We then left for the physical tasks. We had group tasks (whole group), command tasks (just you as the commando and 2 or 3 helpers) and half group tasks (half of the group) to be done on ground. There is no sweat or any strain to your body/muscles. And interview happened simultaneously, for a few others. 

The GTs end by 2 p.m usually after which you can leave the campus and be back by 8 p.m to report. We went to Dominos Pizza and reached the base well in advance.

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