Tuesday, October 16, 2012

All good things- Me, Pune & Work

Hola After so long !

Its been 2 and a half months, and I can see I'm already loving it here in Pune. It isn't difficult to adapt, for me, it always is easy. The best part is when you find more good people, and amazingly in the place you work!


I could never be much better in the hands of my bosses and 'my lovely team', which is now; family. Things have changed, yes. I'm not the same person, yes. But its how you take it, I'm happy so I'm better or worse. I'll let the world choose.

We @ The Hidden Place, Pune. 
Work could be fun when you do what you love. I don't work, I do what I love, here. Learning has also not stopped either, I'm just not blogging about it so frequently as earlier.

TGIFs (Thank God its Friday) and celebrations in office showed me what real fun looks like. 4 words: 'Best Place' To Grow ! I'm thankful to myself, because I chose to get here.

I see people with passion, knowledge, kindness, care, responsibilities and dreams. All in one place! Office.


Pune is different but not weird. It has taken me to places like Lonavala, Lavasa, Sinhgad and Panshet. Silent movie theaters, awesome variety in food, 'the vada pav', the people, are some of the special things that seemed new to me. I've already been to umpteen hotels and restaurants around here, thanks to my sister and her husband ;) I sometimes take myself around Pune, with the company of the voice that guides me (Google Maps' Navigation).

Somethings I had never (ever) done in TN were set free in Pune. Thanks to a new sis (@work) who accompanied me through the beautiful streets of Pune, at night.

My Hindi tongue (which was my second language in school) got enhanced after talking to people here. All the more comfortable.

Only if people at my place were a bit less "judgmental", I would've liked it there. I've had feelings of being hated in school and college, but at work, its just more than perfect. I've always loved my 'work life' more than the usual 'school life' or 'college life'.

But who cares? I have a perfect life in front of me, waiting for me to enjoy every moment of it. And I'm gonna do just that.

Let's wait for my mood to blog again. Hoping to do that soon. See you people in some time.


  1. Yes. Now you have come out of the box as i said before. You May gainsay it. But it is the hidden fact.

  2. And just so you know, I knew I was in a box. Or should I say a matchbox, in comparison? The thing was I tried not to be enclosed, earlier.