Friday, May 24, 2013

That Erratically Berserk Sunday

Let's say this is a photoblog. Most of it.

It all started with the guys of the office planning for a Sinhagad trip that Saturday, of course I overheard it. Decided that night, made it to Warje bridge at 2:45 a.m. After everyone's share of scolding me, we started by 3:45 to Sinhagad. Crossed that shitty path by 3 bikes and 1 scooter. 
Reached by 5:30, wanted to watch the sunrise, but realized we were walking against it. So, we 'almost' watched the sunrise. We had some awesome Poha, btw.
Post the almost sunrise, we roamed all around, clicking pics of us and only us.

Post all that weird poses and that weird food (pic below), we started back from there before the sun and reached Pune by 9:30 a.m.

Lol, that's me copying Varun's pose. 

And that's me with Saket, on a small tree. 

Post that we munched a bit, then to the movie (Aurangazeb) at 11:45 a.m., then is the long story that will also be an 'almost' photoblog,

We (me and a friend) had nothing fruitful to do post the movie. So we decided to go on a crazy tour to wherever our foot felt like going. 

Took a random bus from Ganeshkind, Pune - Reached Pune Station - Had awesome Lassi with double malai (it was amazing, trust me) - Took a train to Lonavala which was at 4:45 p.m.
Loved sitting at the entrance of the train.

I don't even remember who suggested we stop and meet another friend. We were supposed to stop at the closest station, but we ended up jumping off the static train at Begdewadi. Now we had to go back to the Dehu Road station. 

Begdewadi was extremely remote, we did not even think of taking an auto, if we had even seen one, that is. Having no go, we took a ticket to Kasarwadi back (because there was nothing else available at the Begdewadi station), which was at 6 pm. Rather than waiting for the train, we thought, "Why not we walk to the previous station?"
We took every route possible, we climbed long abandoned trains (wherever we found one), which took almost 2 km of the journey. Then walked following the train route, by which we came. We even met with the train we were supposed to take at 6 pm. 
We tried keeping a coin on the rail, met a dead beheaded cat, walked on the tracks, stones and sometimes took the lonely road of the village. 

It was almost more than 6 or 7 kms we walked. Nothing except dry trees, dry grass, thorns, tiny birds, do I remember. 

We kept talking while we were walking, we weren't hungry or thirsty, we were carefree. Bindaas! And that feeling was & is priceless.

Finally! We reached the Dehu Road station, a little bit tired, but we could've walked another similar distance.
We then met our common friend and let her take us to a giant Ganesh temple, which was very close to the Begdewadi station (facepalm on that, but we loved the walk though). 
Then chit chats at dinner (@ Golden Palms, Nigdi), and home!

This is by far the craziest day, of my life. With a hope that more similar days will follow, I sign off :)