Thursday, September 19, 2013

A 3-day trip: Hampi & Badami

Preface: This post is more of a photo blog. Please click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy :)

"It's just looking at stones and sculptures"; everyone might convince you not to go to Hampi.

Hampi is more than the stones and the ruins, you might be lucky to see it, if you have the eye for it.

Plan a trip to Hampi. I did have one awesome trip. Covering all the "must-see" places don't matter. We went slow, enjoyed Hampi for all it is and left a few places for our next visit.

This is what we did,

We were 3 of us. We took a room at a reasonably-priced hotel at Hospet, which is very close to Hampi by bus or the share auto. Hospet helped us with good breakfast all the 3 days. We took a TVS-50 for 200 bucks to go around, both the days at Hampi.

Day-1: Hampi Sight Seeing

Places Visited: Monolith Bull, a part of Matanga Hill, Achyutara temple, outside of Virupaksha temple, Vithala temple (the temple with the saregama pillars).

Day-2: Hampi

Places Visited: Other parts of Hampi.



Day-3: Badami

Places Visited: Badami caves and the archaeological museum.




Expecting more awesomer trips, like this, every 6 months. Well, almost ;)

Have you been to Hampi? How did you find the place?


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