Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shuddh Desi Romance - WTF

My Rating: 1.5/5


Boy sees the tall girl and agrees to marry. But he meets the desi girl on the way to his marriage. Falls in the 'so called' desi love with desi girl, runs away from his own marriage. Tall girl is broke but asks for a coca cola.

Desi girl comes along one day, Hero is ready with all this: lies, flatters, calls for coffee, flatters, smiles, kisses. Girl falls for all that shi*t and lets him stay at her place, saying, he will be her brother to the milkman and the maid of her room. Desi girl is kindah broke, a bit, so she thinks everything will be alright with this guy. After days and months of being together they decide to get married one night when they are drunk. Shaadi the next day; girl goes to smoke to the "tailet", thinks too much and runs away from her own marriage.

Boy finds tall girl one day in a random marriage, falls for her. Tall girl looks angry still gives him her phone number. Boy and tall girl meet, she says she is an air hostess, but is not. They go out, dance, sing, dine, kiss and all that sh*t. Boy is now ready to propose to the tall girl. The new couple is at a friend's marriage where boy accidentally meets desi girl. Things get complicated; desi is jealous, boy is sad, tall girl is confused. Finally the tall girl leaves when she finds out the old couple still love each other. Desi Girl and boy decide to marry, again. This time both go to the "tailet" find each other running from their own marriages. Boy is not bored of running and goes to desi girl's home, straight. They then talk and talk and talk.

I had to walk out the theatre at this point because it was no longer bearable.

My Review:

Firstly this ain't Shuddh desi romance, its Shit desi romance. Second, I am not sure why the poster contains an "I love my India" line, that's just plain moronic.


- Love is mistaken with making love these days.
- Marriage preps and marriage are considered a no-biggie.
- Running away from your wedding seems to be funny and looks highly encouraged.
- Movie shows youth is confused with love, making love, understanding love and marriage.
- Women smoking has become a trend in India.
- Women are being shown weak towards guys, who only flatter, smile and kiss mostly.
- Girl who was left during her marriage asks, "Do you want to be my boyfriend?" to the one who she was supposed to marry.
- Marriage is considered a compulsion; not a commitment.


Did you watch the movie? How'd you like it?


  1. Really a bad experience!

    But this movie made me think:

    Is this the future of our youth?
    Is this what they have started thinking?
    How much should we adapt the western culture?
    How much should we be confused?!

    Everyone needs to think about it.

  2. readin this i neve want to watch it sounds yuk!!!!!!