Monday, September 16, 2013

The Bungee Experience

*This ain't any promoted post. Writing my heart out, that all it is. 

One day, one experience of free fall I will never forget. 

September 14th, the day at Della Adventures (DA). It was the 3 of us who decided to take the local train at 10am, to Lonavla. It was a 7 km walk we agreed to, to DA (4.5 on the highway and 2.5 through the Kune village).

Me stunts. LOL.

Bungee Jumping:

Meaning: The sport of leaping from a height while secured by a long nylon-cased rubber band from the ankles. Note: You'll realize what you value the most in your life, when you fall!

Recommended to first watch my video on YouTube, here or below by the end of the Bungee section.

The Bungee Experience: Post the weighing, 'on-my-own-risk' signatures, we were secured and taken to the bungee ground.


"Look straight, hands like a T, Jump on my count of 3", - Said friendly Mr.Phil from NZ. He had come to set it all up at the Bungee and Swoop, with his heavily tattooed friend Mr.Kayne, who welcomes all the jumpers to the Bungee Jumpers club, post the jump.

You look down to find ant-sized people waiting for your fall - You feel the breeze at a hundred and fifty feet - You know you are on top - You know you should slide off the platform you are on - You have a person behind you saying "One!" - You know you should slide down at "Three!" - You hear him saying "Three!" - You say to yourself "Shit" - You slide - You are like woah,. woah,. woah.. - And then the fall! Fu*k! 

Then there is free fall until the rope tightens, when your heart stops and the air hits your face wide open. It then takes you to and fro, a few bounces too, due to the fall. Very tiny 'free fall' instances in between that induces you to scream on the top of your voice, just like I did. 


Post the fall when you hang upside down, you see the people growing in size and there's Mr.Kayne shouting "Are you Okay?!" I shouted back, "I am Okay Mr.Kayne!". The cage that carried me is descending and taking me to the ground, upside down, that is. Mr.Kayne and another helper catch me and seat me to the inclined chair. And then I pose :D 


Swoop: Free fall for three, from a hundred feet. India's first @ DA. 

The one on the right will get to control the time of the fall (pull the wire), which was me. The middle one will hold the other's hands till the first swing. 

 Me hanging horizontally, to the right.

Image from website, for reference, below: 

An exciting ride for 3!

Flying Fox: India's longest, at 1250 ft. This is the usual Zip Ride as they also call it. 

After daring at the Bungee, all the others felt so obsolete. All I did while I was the flying fox was to wave to all the random people I found below me, they waved back weirdly. 


Rocket Ejector: Throws you up 4 and a half storeys high. Also called reverse bungee, it takes advantage if you let your body loose. Looks like someone is holding on to the back of your collar and jerking/playing with you. I had to turn down this one because I was developing a tiny back pain since a week, I was scared it might get severe. 

The entire body, specially the legs and your neck when left free, hold the warning of a sprain. Make sure you are a bit strong when you are on the Rocket Ejector.  

Image for reference, below: 
Rocket Ejector Activity Della Adventure

Land Zorbing: I took this instead of the Rocket ejector. 

You sit, they secure you, they push you off the surface until you hit the other end, you bounce along with the ball. Precisely; inside of it. I laughed, woo-ed, laughed, shouted, yay-ed, laughed, like crazy. 

They see me rollin.!

It had to rain post all this, and we walked all our way again, back to Lonavla, only to make it a point to not waste the 250 buck on a rickshaw for a mere 7 kms. Ate good food, filling our appetites, at some Kumar restaurant. Got the train back to Pune at 10:15 pm. Had a good nap on the train's seats. Returned home safe and sound with humongous amounts of laughter and fun filled adventurous memories. 

Must admit, the 3000 bucks was worth it. Thanks Della Adventure! I'd come visit many more times, with many more of my people.  

What's the most adventurous thing you have done? Share them on the comments below.