Monday, October 28, 2013

The weird incident - The Drunk Lady.

It was almost 11 at night, me and my mate came out of Sice, a restaurant in Baner, Pune.

On the other side of the lane was a bike, with a girl, between 2 guys, screaming some random thing.

We were like, "What if she is being kidnapped?"

We then rode after the bike on my Pleasure, to find the bike on a hault, where the girl kept shouting at a guy who was approaching her. He caught her hand, she refused to give in. Now that it happened on a wide road, it no longer seemed like it was an attempt of rape, just that she was drunk.

We still needed to be sure that she wasn't in danger. After all these rape incidents these days, we wanted to be sure. While we were talking to the people who were watching all this, the lady was again on the bike, between the guys. She was squealing again. It was evident that she was drunk this time.

We followed, again.

The bike seemed to respond to our chasing. It rode faster, took a few turns quickly and stopped to let the 2 drop-off. The bike went to and fro, vroom,. in a jiffy.

The guy was at the gate, fidgeting to open it and the lady on the street.

I regret going closer and asking, in a stern voice, "Excuse me! Is everything alright here?" The drunk lady came closer and asked (in hindi), "If it's not alright are you gonna solve it?" She was a dusky, tired-looking, very recently married woman. She then started telling me all her problems and demanded one crore, in rupees.

I had to take a U-turn to leave the street, but she stood right in front asking me all kind of random questions.

Weird enough for the day, I hit my forehead a couple of times, then returned home.

I realized 3 things: 

1.) I used to think people get drunk for fun, wasn't the case here. I've seen in Pune, people did get high, for fun.

I've heard in a few Tamil movies, man consumes alcohol at 2 points, when he is extremely happy or when he is extremely sad. May be she was just sad, and she drank just too much.

2.) Being steady after alcohol stands true for ~80% of the men. Only ~30% of the women can even stand straight after a heavy round of drinks.

3.) No harm in trying to save someone, from trouble. It was a first, I went to save someone. My heart did thump fast.