Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heavenly Malvan - Day 2

Link to day 1 here.

We had to check-out today. We decided to go to Vaasanti Nivas, as it looked safe and compelling, because it was too close to the beach. We decided to cover a few places post the check-out. We realized that the shore will lead us to Vaasanti Niwas, so we decided to cover the Rock Garden too.

We bore our rucksacks and walked our way to start with the JaiGanesh Mandir.

We encountered the Vitthal Rakhumayi Mandir which was said to be built during Shivaji Maharaj's time.

Then we reached the Jai Ganesh temple. Click on image to enlarge.

Then we left to the Rock Garden. While asking for directions we heard from a good old man that Rajkot was a place where we could get good views and click good photos. We were set to go to Rajkot now.

On our way,.. 


We found a perfect spot to get drenched. Perfect because there was no one in the surroundings., perfect because there were rocks to hold on to, perfect because there was a rock room where I could change. We changed to our swim suits and got down here:

After almost an hour we got out and treaded along to reach the resort and check-in. The primary goal was to lose the bags.

The roads that looked very similar to the roads in Kerala. Serene and calm, narrow and deserted. 

 We took the road through the village, asked for directions at quite a few houses, where we were surprised to see people offer us water, very kindly. They also told us to take a seat, if we were tired. We did look tired, we've been walking and walking and walking. Found this blue eyed cat at one of the houses that offered us water.

We finally reached Rock Garden, I wasn't really impressed, so pardon me for clicking no pictures. The Rock Garden was as it means a garden for kids and family to walk and spend some time. 

We then reached a point where we could find a route to reach Vaasanti Niwas. Which wasn't easy. 

The view we started with.

We had to cross that.
We outlined along the shore and reached to check-in, the room was comfortable enough and we were said they provide lunch, home-made! We agreed and we got this:

The food was served by the kind Rohini, who belonged to a family very close to the inn, who were also partners with the inn. This was kind of an unlimited thali and was extremely tasty and filling.

We then had a talk with the aunty (of the inn) and her father. We were told we could get 2 wheelers for 200 INR (petrol expenses would be ours). So we thought of taking a bike to Tarkarali.

We had to take a tripsy. On our way, we were caught by the Sindudurg police, where the traffic police joined later. We had to pay the fine and then we were freed. Post all this, we had to take an auto to Tarkarali. 

While entering the beach,.
 We loved looking at the sunset. We ran to the shore to shoot it and make a time-lapse for you guys to enjoy watching it from home.

Let me know how you like my first attempt at composing a time-lapse. 

Sunset at Tarkarali

We then walked our way back and had the delicious home-made dinner. We were all set to go scuba the next morning at 8 am!

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