Monday, November 25, 2013

The lonely trip to Mumbai (on Hero Pleasure)

Every person I knew would have stood against me riding to Mumbai on my "TN registered Hero Pleasure". It encouraged me to go and come back safe, which I have. Sure was a crazy and tiring trip.

Started at 7:30 a.m, 23rd Nov, Saturday. Took the State Highway / NH-4, since 2 wheelers weren't allowed on the Express Highway. The sign boards and Google Maps helped me reach my destination, as always.

I was said it was going to be a long journey, at the fuel station. I had to be prepared, with Cadbury and American Cream Lays. Kept them at arm's reach, fed myself during the journey. I started my journey of almost 200 kms to and 200 fro.

Imagine you are to ride a 200 kilometers on a gear-less bike. 

During the journey, I looked around, sat with a straight back, which unconsciously became curved at times, legs and arms folded and changing positions at equal time intervals. It had to be uncomfortable, and I had to ignore it. At almost halfway, Mom called. She burst out crying knowing that I had gone alone. Dad called too, in sometime. Told me it was like driving from Salem, TN to Coimbatore. That, was surprising!

I kept driving, I wanted to make sure nothing happens to me. Kept the speed between 40-60 kmph.

Din't click many pictures, but I love tunnels, so,.

I had finally reached Navi Mumbai. All I remember of it are the bad roads.

Glanced at Google Maps to find out that I will have to cross something like the image below: Click to Enlarge

Excited to cross that route, I rode a bit faster to experience the beauty.

Used Google Maps to reach IIT Bombay, at Powai. A college friend accommodated me for a night. It had taken me almost 5 hours to reach there. We then decided to leave to  roam. Since it was still sunny we thought we'll go to the Pheonix Mall and then the Gateway/MarineDrive/Nariman Point.We took the local to Lower Panvel. The mall was huge and we went around, had a pizza each for lunch. I played a game of Krish on Windows 8.1 and filled in a form which would never be of any luck, but I got a cool pen for participating.Then we left to the Gateway, on a cab. She told me the cabs are reasonable. And they were, way better than they are at Pune. The auto rickshaws were too! They strictly went by the meter only. We then reached the Gateway of India. It was dark already. A few pictures I had taken: (Click to Enlarge)

The 'Gateway of India'
The mighty and royal 'Taj'
The view from Nariman point. Not clicked on my Note.

Some huge building. Not clicked on my Note.
We then left to the Nariman point, an amazing place for friends, family and specially couples. We spotted a couple smooching in public; My friend reacted very normally, whereas I was surprised like a village idiot. As she had mentioned, the darker it became, the more romantic was the place turned into.The day ended with dinner at The Yellow Chilli, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor's restaurant brand. Good food, it was. The next day, we did nothing much, we roamed around the Hirnandani Gardens. An amazing place with beautiful architecture and almost everything is available here. 

Lunch at KFC, then met a few Tamils at IIT, there were just too many! The ones I met were either working or pursuing PhD. It was already time to drive back to Pune. 

I started at 3:30 p.m on Sunday evening hoping I rode myself back to Pune, safer than before. This time I almost knew the way back so I drove at 60 kmph. Not until I crossed Navi Mumbai, where the roads were bad. Stopped atleast 4 times during the journey. Thrice for photos and once while it rained! 

Had clicked a few scenic panoramas on my way back, here: 

Click to Enlarge

Now why would it rain in November?! It did rain a bit heavily, I wore my rain coat and the raised the helmet glass and rode slower at around 30kmph. It was getting darker. Dad had called, asking if I had reached home. I was at Dehu road, told him it'd take an hour more, guaranteeing I will reach safely. Not to forget mentioning, I also had 2 ideas on my way back. 

In a caring voice he said, "Don't do this again kanna, please." I replied "OK pa" and the minute he kept the phone, there were tears rolling down my scarf-covered cheek. I felt it was involuntary but later my chest felt heavy. Fact was that, I was their only child and after 20 years of being home, I had come to live far, very far away from them, and I was also crazy. 

This is a pathetic situation to me, because there is no one to travel with me, atleast not all the time. And I leave to explore very often. All I wish for is a clone of myself, of the other gender preferably. 


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