Friday, April 4, 2014

Peace and Party- Palolem, South Goa

Goa! A 3 day trip with 3 other women. It was partly fun and slightly edgy, just as group travel will always be.

It was off-season in Goa and the rush is usually very less this time. North Goa is a loud & a party place while south Goa is the silent version with very less party places. Palolem is very good and a must visit in South Goa. That's where we halted for a couple of days.

Goa is where you get alcohol for less. Almost equal to the price of water. Restaurants do not serve water, you need to buy water at 20-30 bucks. People while in Goa, buy a vodka/beer for that much. People's mind tend to open up just too much, while in Goa. Indian women, feel safer around the non-Indians, and a lot less safer around fellow Indian men.

Madgaon to Palolem
Friday night 8:30 at Pune - Saturday morning 8:30 at Margao/Madgaon.

Day 1 (Saturday): Took a bus from Madgaon to Palolem. Took us around an hour or so to get there and another half to settle in a cozy AC room. 2 rooms at 2000 bucks/day. We stayed behind Cafe Del Mar, close to the shops on the other side of the road. Good place it was, safe too.

Sunset at the Palolem Beach

We had no plan. To settle and freshen took time. Quite a large amount of time. It was entertaining to see how the women got ready, though. We then set off to have lunch, then the sunset and a stroll on the beach. While they rested, I researched a bit to find out about the silent party. The day, after a warm stroll and some good food, ended at Neptune Point, the place of the silent party.

What is a Silent Party? It's where you dance to the music on your headphones. There is no loud music, only that on your individual headphones.

Neptune point was to the extreme left of Palolem beach. The path was rugged post the shore, looked a bit critical to get back at 3am. FYI, 4am is when the party ends. We were 4 and paid 600 INR each for entry and the headphones. There were 3 DJs and 3 frequencies and genres of Music played (Green, Red and Blue). It usually starts post 11pm and got till 4am. There were also stunts in between to keep the party pumping. Click on the image to see the lights on the headphones of the people standing around.

We left the party at 3am with a few others who were leaving to the Palolem. Reached at 3 30am. Freshened a bit and crashed out. 

Day 2 (Sunday): Fellow women got up quite early and set out to play with water and get wet on the beach. I , for some reason, am not a fan of getting wet on the beach, or anywhere else too. I took a good long rest, got up and ready by 10am. An ex-roommate who now resides at Vasco, Goa, visited us and we went around Palolem's shops and lunched with her. I took a break and came to lie on the beach (under the umbrella). Peace.

It was almost evening when we decided to take a boat and visit the butterfly island nearby. This is also the place you can get the chance of spotting Dolphins. I did spot 2 dolphins on our way back. One far and one close. The island was rocky and forest-like. I chilled on a rock for awhile and we got back post-sunset. 

We went to shop some stuff, realized we were out of cash. To our dismay, the nearest ATM was not really near. We were done for the day. We dined at Palolem and rested. 

Day 3 (Monday): We checked out at 10am and took a cab to Vasco. Took us almost 2 hours to reached ex-roommate's place. Her parents were a sweetheart, auntie served us amazing lunch, and uncle took us to the harbour and the Japanese Garden. Here's a Oscar-like selfie I took ;)

The bus to Pune was from Panjim at 8:30pm. We reached Panjim via bus from Vasco. You get good cashews at Pajim, by the way. Reached Pune at around 6:30am. 

A few panoramas of the Palolem beach: 

Day 2 during dinner we felt like we've been in Goa for a real long time. That's a feeling you normally don't get everywhere. There were so many more things that could've been done, but in a group, you need to keep it light. 

You need to go on a week's trip to Goa- North & South. Enjoy with your best buddies. It sure is a good place to chill. 

Which has been your best chillin' spot/trip? 


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