Thursday, May 29, 2014

Calm down TamBrahms!

I've wanted to write,. write more,. about too many things.. My mind kept thinking about writing, unlike the brain, which was working. There was no inspiration to write, with the brain busy over design projects. 

Disclaimer: This post is not for all the Tam Brahms out there, but only for those that are related to this post talked about, below. Also I am  not writing this as a Tam Brahm*, but as a human. Consider reading this with an open mind. Thanks!

Recently, there was this, An article on the Tam Brahm (Tamil Brahmin) Confessions page on Facebook: (If it's too long for you, read the gist just along/below the image) 

The 20 year old girl, talks about how religious she is, how she eats non-veg and immediately after this she says she has slept with a few guys. Adding to which she says she also drinks and quotes instances of all this with ancient scriptures. After which there are mentions of a few ancient scriptural writings, which I shall not comment on. 
She also writes upon pre-marital sex (sex before marriage), which I think is each and every person's preference in his/her married life. I, for a fact, do NOT support this. 

She asks Tamil Brahmins to wake up, read the scriptures, see the truth and be non-judgmental. She finishes her confession by saying people to lead life the way he/she wants to, and that the religion allows you to eat animals, drink and sleep around (with random people?! Whatever.). 

Ambi1 has best done his job of commenting on it and making his point, buy not being rude or harsh in his tone of voice. Appreciate it!

Also appreciate the ones (men and women) who are having a healthy discussion over it and also the one who writes "I'd love to read more constructive arguments rather than judgmental abuses."

People like this make you Tam Brahms proud. Not the judgmental assholes. 

The comments people have posted for this confession, is where the problem basically lies. Mixed feelings, a flow of thoughts, very few supporting the confessor, use of bad language, a few just what others think, a few just like what I have in mind, a few supporting Ambi1, Judgement!,.. the list goes on. After all it's Facebook, right?  

My question is,.. Abusing the woman (who has confessed) is what your Tam Brahm culture and your Tam Brahm parents thought you? For fuck's sake, chill out you idiot! It's her life, let her live or suffer, why would you care? Just because she confessed about all of this? Or because she got her facts wrong? If anything is wrong, correct it. Don't jump at it and try to be on top of it. 

*Tam Brahms have always thought high of themselves and I am a half Brahm, I know what view they look at. Brahm or non-Brahm makes no sense to me.,

With me; you respect, I respect. Period. 

(The image does not belong to me in any way, it's a property of the Facebook page of Tam Brahm Confessions.)