Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My two cents on 2 States (the movie)

Disclaimer: This is a hater's 2 cents on the movie. Do not read it if you liked the movie. Thanks!

People need to understand that the movie - 2 States is not and cannot be an exact replica of what happened in the writer's life. Me along with a few more who do not believe in stupid shit being portrayed in movies, strongly believe so. The part where he's like talking to the psychiatrist, made no sense to me.

In the trailer, for the first one minute, almost everything shown is bullshit (to me).

I'm sure the book does not contain the exact truth as well. After all we Indians love to be taken to the west through the books we read and the movies we see, right?

I'm also sure that the Bollywood movie, has beautifully portrayed the life of two people, from different states in India falling in love, in the most deceiving way possible.

She lives and studies in IIM. The way her room seems decorated is just too much to bear.

They decide to be friends and study together, but there is not one second when you feel they are smart, like IIM smart. Instead, it's portrayed that he keeps doing super dumb shit like always being bothered (in love) and proposing to her in between the interview (Well, couldn't it wait?).

In this movie, too many scenes show you premature love aka infatuation aka lust,. Not bearable, nope! Too much intimacy in too less time, something that Bollywood keep encouraging these days. It seems like men fall in love, like real deep love, by looking at a woman's mole on the cheek?

In a scene, post making love, he says, "Who says anything about marriage?" and Alia being a south Indian (not to forget a Tamil Brahmin girl), seems to not really care much about it. She's just giving him some personal space, right? Exactly! In her room, that is.

The way she speaks Tamil is bullshit. Respected Bollywood directors, please note how we speak Tamil, do not show accented Tamil on-screen, just because you think it sounds cool. [As someone has already mentioned about how Tamilians are being portrayed in Bollywood movies (here), I totally second the thought.]

And for heaven's sake, this is not even close to how we wear a saree! It's so f*cking stupid when she even stands in front of Revathy (her mom) and her father, wearing the saree like this.

She makes so much sense in somebody else's marriage, but no sense at all while breaking up for what looks like a much sillier reason.

She and her family listens to and puts up just too much with what the Punjabi aunty does and says. And for something of exact same intensity, all of a sudden she decides to break up?

And all of a sudden again you find them fixing dates for the engagement. What the hell?

I personally had too many "What the..?" moments with this movie.

Let's catch up with another movie soon.