Friday, June 13, 2014

2 Short stories and a life story.

Two short stories:

1. A wise man asks a wealthy man, "Who are you?". The man said his name. The saint said, "That's what people call you, it's not who you are." he added, "Try again". The man said where he hails from, where he lives now, and what he does for a living. The wise man spoke back, "These are not who you are, it's where you've been and what you do to be a civilized human being".

Barely remember the rest of the story but I do remember this,. To know who you are, you need to discover within yourself.

2. A drunkard father had 2 sons. Oddly, both the sons grew up to be rather different, than the other. One became a respectable citizen of the society, whereas the other became a drunkard just like his father.

On being asked how, the better-off son said, "I grew up watching my father, I did NOT want to be like him". Whereas the drunkard son replied, "I grew up watching my dad drink all day, what else do you expect?"

It so happens that one is not able to find what wonder he/she can really do. Without question everyone can marry and have kids. Everyone can work a 9 to 5 job. Everyone can survive.

But not everyone can live his/her dream. Not everyone can fight for his/her passion. Not everyone can risk it and become a successful entrepreneur. Not everyone lives.

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I'm a Tamilian, a kid but 23 years old. I live an independent life, take my own decisions. My parents either understand or they don't. They trust, and that's all I need from them.

Here's what my life looks like:

1. A Passion.
I dream to become a backpacker and see the world, stay in places and learn new languages. After 2-3 years, it would be goodbye to Pune, off to another place to temporarily settle-in. I dream to travel to most places via road or the sea. This is not even close to a world tour, call it exploring the wonderful places on Earth. 

2. Shoe racks for cupboards and sleeping on the floor.
Sleeping on the floor always feels better and generates less heat from under, compared to the cushion sponge in beds. Cots are affordable but occupy space. Makes it complicated to shift. 

3. Pune is great and I'm learning Marathi. 
Had left home after 21 years, ofcourse I fell for Maharashta. Have done quite a trip around Pune and Maharashtrians are nice, kind and helping. The place was new, people were too, language was difficult, the feel was new. But it never felt weird. Or may be I adapt too fast? 

4. Got no friends. Don't want any, anymore. 
A few of you reading this might even know me in person. It's true that I try to be a friend to everyone, yet, no one sticks around. February this year, I decided not to even try to make friends. The less amount of friends the less bullshit to deal with. No friends, no bullshit. Period. 

5. There is an almost instant hatred for all those die-hard fans. 
Fan/die-hard of SalmanKhan/ShahrukhKhan/Vijay/Ajith/any other star? Amazing! Please refrain from talking to me. Thanks! 

6. Hate school life. Hate college life a little less. 
School sucked, had no clue about anything at all. College sucked too, it just got a little better when I became an MSP. I had 3 backlogs/arrears and was hated by almost every staff starting from the Principal. I find the education system shitty. Mostly, I was the only girl to be punished for not finishing homework. Hence, no girl friends. Did not like how subjects were taught and I ended up hating engineering. 

Most girls who topped the exams are married now, lol. 

7. Less or NO drama. 
I don't hide my face under my bangs/front hair. I have an open face, and I wish people talk straight to it. I also respect women, only the ones who deserve it. I've 'zero' interest in make-up, fashion, cricket, politics, crappy movies/serials, making friends, roaming with a boyfriend,. But yet, can handle a comfortable conversation. 

8. Men/Women 
Of all the women known, let's say most women care more about their hairfall than even talk to someone like me. A few are busy watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S or The Big Bang Theory or Hindi/Tamil serials. Others are busy pedicuring/manicuring/waxing/eyebrow trimming. Most are busy missing their school or college life. Few fighting with one or more friends/boyfriends. Others are just trying to marry, have kids and settle down. Many already have. 
Of all men known,. A few men have impressed as entrepreneurs, very few as the adventurous type, and a very few as a 'man'. The others are just boys who need to grow up. Most of which are stupid enough to beg for a phone number. 

9. Marriage
If any of my cousins are reading this, hope you spread the word. I've a dream, a passion to see the beauty of the places of the world. Marriage and kids will be a waste of time. Could marry someone with the same passion, but never have kids. 

Now, he will never be able to settle with kids, he will have to keep travelling with me, be far from his parents and cousins, miss family functions, lead a very abnormal life. Someone impossible to find. 

Please don't tell me one can marry, have kids and still travel. We all know that won't happen. And for goodness sake, I am not travelling here, it's called living a passion. 

I do not want this: 

But this!

Nagarkot, Nepal. The village above the clouds 
Two amazing sources of light - the Milky Way and bio-luminescent plankton.
At the Jervis Bay, Australia. 
China's Danxia Landform
Shangai Hotel, below ground level
Norway Mountains