Monday, June 16, 2014

Appa! Happy Father's Day!

A day to celebrate a dad's greatness. And here I am far off from my appa, (Tamil for 'dad'thinking of times we bonded, more than a father and daughter.

"Of everything that I was, am and will be, appa has always had a part."

Of all moments I remember, these are the best ones; For you dad,. With love!  

Photo- I remember we watched Lion King and you used to call to tuck me in with you inside the bed sheet. I used to come running like a lion cub.

- I remember the first time you had tears because we had a minor accident, when the dog crossed the road) & I was wounded the most, because I was seated first in the bike.

- I did not learn to ride a cycle with you, but I know you are proud of me because I can ride a geared bike now.

- You were conservative, and din't allow me to take sports (basketball/badminton) or athletics in school, even though I was good at it. But I know you were proud, when I won the medal for badminton for 4 consecutive years in college.

- You gave me a G.I.Joe toy and a stuffed puppy. I still remember how happy you also were when I was. We played like kids.

- I remember how in difficult times, you did not stop playing to me as you always did.

- You did everything you could, to get to a better standard and keep mom and me happy. We all know how genuinely you have earned your respect. Grandpa would've been proud of you appa, so are mom & I.

- Remember that time when I had gone alone to return a cycle, you got so mad at me? I felt so bad back then. See how things have changed now appa.

- I had uploaded my video for the Microsoft Student Partner selection. A spam comment was posted. You panicked and told me to delete the video. I convinced you for the first time in 2009. I became an MSP and it made a great change in my life.

Photo- During college, we walked 30 feet to the bus stop and we chatted like best buddies till the college bus came. In 4 years, you missed only 10 days, dad! 

- Did you know how bad it felt to fight with you and to refrain talking to you? But thanks to you, it has not even been a whole day we remained silent with each other.

- Me and mom always fight silly, how you always make us smile is amazing appa! 

- Do you remember my letter requesting a haircut? You were so surprised. I know it was difficult for you to allow me to have a haircut, you wanted me to maintain long hair. But guess what appa, I now have the most comfortable haircut that most women can only dream about.

- I used to fail at the midterm tests and cycle tests in school and college, but scored decently at the main exams. Mom used to lose it and start complaining, but you always had the will to back me up.

Photo- You came to meet the Principal when I was falsely accused of the library book. You knew he wouldn't listen, so you shouted at me in-front of him, only later did you tell me, that it was drama. You rock appa!

- You let me choose where I wanted to work after college, out of all those start-up & MNC offer letters I had. Like most dads you never compelled me to take up the MNC job. And THAT has made all the difference in my life! 

- When I chose the job at Pune, you were worried like a kid, like Prakashraj in Abhiyum Naanum that I'm going far off from home. I had to convince you.

- I smiled and you cried,. when I waved goodbye to you and mom at the Bangalore airport. 

- I smiled and you cried,. when I waved goodbye to you and mom at Salem junction in December.

- I cried harder than you,. when I waved goodbye to you and mom at the Salem junction in March.

I have missed too many points appa, but I want to tell you this:

Thanks for respecting my passion appa.

Thank you for being my friend, everyday. 

P.S: Amma, you should know that I love you too ;) If I start writing about us, I need to write a whole book about us. Hahaha.