Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making Sense

Just as we always start with 2 short stories, let's start with 2 verities that seem to make a baffling-ly good amount of sense.

1. The story behind the vitruvian man 

He is more than just a painting. He is the answer to a math problem. An answer by Vitruvius, [from whom Da Vinci's sketches are influenced.] Without him, the problem is impossible to solve.

Why? Well..

Take the area of a circle and create a square with an equal area. This was called 'squaring the circle'. And this, is not quite possible because of the 'pi' in the circle's area calculation.

But in the painting, you can see the man in the 'T' position filling the square perfectly, and the man in the 'X' position filling the circle. His bellybutton being the center. 

I was baffled when I learnt of this. Makes so much sense now, doesn't it?

2. The honeycomb's hexagonal-ity

It is said that bees do awesome math and form their cells hexagonal-ly where they use less wax and store more honey, by this formation they also get more space.

Which.. Is.. Amazing!

Further research on this suggests, that the cells are made as circles and they are naturally formed as hexagons. 

However, thinking of both the scenarios where nature evolves for the best, blows the mind.

There are just too many mind-blowing, mind-boggling and jaw-dropping-ly amazing things out there.

For how long are we going to Facebook our problems, chat, make a deal out of things that make no sense

I am always confused as to how Roadies or Splitsvilla or Big Boss or the dance shows make any sense. How do heroic dumb movies make sense? How does useless chatting help? How does dressing up perfectly to work & looking good everyday make sense, when you know nothing other than what was taught to you? How does it make sense to write about abuse and rape and your bra strap sticking out? Is it the people who read blogs and tweet, the ones who rape?

In the world we live, everything mentioned above makes sense. It has become a part of people's life, to be shamefully frank. Entertainment, decorated with drama and falsity (in abundance), is being enjoyed, savored and followed.

We forget our passion and dreams. And live the life of the ordinary.

We cease to become our own extraordinary self. 

We've stopped to even try. We don't think anymore. We've lost our ability to reason, to ask why. 

Talking about reasoning.. Did you know how man can reason. How he evolved to ask the 'why' of things? 

We all know how we evolved from the apes to the Neanderthal man to the human specie (homo sapiens), that we are now. We did not really have a frontal part of the brain like we do now. Like in the Neanderthal man's skull below.

We evolved to reason over the period of thousands of years.

We grew our brains, literally. 

Just because we cannot shrink it back, doesn't mean we don't have to reason. 

Ask why. 

To yourself. Ask why you are doing what you are doing. You'll know when to stop doing it, when your answer seems dumb or ridiculous. You'll know because you too have developed the front part of your brain. Haven't you?

Stop doing the stupid, dumb, useless things that make no sense. Stop doing things that help you gain nothing. If you can't stop, reduce. There is always a way, if you want to become better. No clue? Ask someone you trust. Someone better than you, who does not show off. Not your mom or dad.

Become a better 'you'. Start now. Wishing you luck.