Monday, July 7, 2014

Movie review: Bobby Jasoos (Hindi)

Poster: Appealing. Not bad.

Trailer: No BS.


Woman from small town, who wants to make it big. Not like real big, but breaks a stereotype.

Must appreciate movies like Queen and Bobby Jasoos, because even if there are no big twists or bling or drama, the story revolves around a woman who lives for a purpose. A purpose apart from marrying and making kids.

Story is of a Vidya Balan (Bobby, in the movie) from a Hyderabadi Islamic household trying to make it into the jasoosi (spy/detective) world. She requests for a detective job in a sardarji's agency,. but in vain, so she challenges that she will open an agency of her own right opposite to his.

When everything seems so very obsolete, a costly car with a serious-looking old man arrives at Bobby's rat-hole office. The man offers a lumpsome and asks her to find a girl in her own locality. Gives Bobby the age and the birthmark of the girl to be found, as clues.

Bobby looks at jasoosi ways to track and find the girl. She boils down the options and gets to the right girl. He increases the amount as he wants another girl to be found.

She looks so much like Adam Sandler in the last pic. Don't you think?
She finds this one too. When the grumpy man offers another great amount to find another person. She smells fish, I mean she thinks something's fishy and tries to know why he wanted the 2 girls to be found. He refuses to say, so she tries to find out. When she finds that both the girls are missing from their homes. Now she is onto the grumpy uncle himself.

Between all this is a little bit of a fight between him and the TV show host, as a result of the fight and the puppy ego, she agrees to marry him and he ends up falling in love with the not-so-homely-Bobby. They end up falling in love with each other. Yeah.

With a tiny twist she gets the old man to speak, it turns out he was the father of the two girls and the other one (the baddie, Arjan Bajwa). And he had lost them in the riots. Forced melodrama here.

After all this, the long fought fight between Bobbie and her dad, is solved, with some forced drama and some tears.

Not a huge plot, no good songs, not a great ending, not the best direction, yet the movie is entertaining, all thanks to Vidya Balan.

Final verdict: One time watch.. Way better than Ek Villain.