Friday, July 11, 2014

Movie review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Disclaimer: Plot laid out. Do not read if you hate spoilers. 

Poster: Inarticulately intense. Kindles an emotion that ties the tongue.



The movie is not yet a war between the apes and the humans, it is a war between good and evil. 

The movie start with the news, that says,. almost all of mankind is on the brink of extinction. A disease that spread far too wide has killed too many humans, the source of which is reportedly derived from the apes. [Post the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.]

Then comes Ceasar, the good. His clan,  his home and his family. The apes have evolved as years have passed, they now have a colony, where they survive with their family. Ceasar has 2 sons, one boy who has his differences with his dad, and the other a justborn. His wife is diseased, but she is later helped to wellness by the humans. Just when the apes believed all humans to be dead, one fine day two apes encounter a man who gets shit scared and shots one ape down. The apes show their 'together' strength by threatening the humans, not to come back to their 'home'.

Our hero, Malcom, the human, in the hope that Caesar would understand shows him how badly the survivors need the power from the dam to survive. Caesar understands and allows.

Koba is an ape who was tested by the humans. He is against this. He also is C's son's friend.

An amazing scene that hits us so hard, as humans, is when, 

Caesar (in sign language): Let them do their human work and go.
Koba (talks): Human work? [shows a scar over his eye and says..] Human work. 
                                             [shows the scar on his chest and says..] Human work. 
                                             [shows another scar near his neck and says..] Human work. 

Another shot when, C says, "Koba has only learnt hated from the humans."

As C gets closer with the humans, Koba looses it, shoots C and terrorizes the apes to follow him and threatens the humans, keeps them secured/contained.

In the end, 'the evil' is defeated. And the plot for the sequel is laid. (Yes!)

Final verdict: A great movie, some places are just too 'deep'. A must watch.