Friday, July 25, 2014

Movie Review: Drishyam (Malayalam)

Also recently released as Drushyam in telugu, this movie is an amazing watch that was originally released in Malayalam, as Drishyam. The movie, as they claim, is not a remake of any English movie nor is the story inspired/copied form anywhere.

The movie revolves around Georgekutty, starred by Mohanlal, and his sweet family. For a middle class family with two children, the love they hold for each other and their stringent ways in expenditure is very well depicted in the movie.

The first part is a very soothing half and the second, very thrilling. done so well that, it will keep you on the edge of your seat, whilst you might also be biting your nails.

In the movie George (short for Georgekutty), loves his family, he is also crazy for movies. He manages the cable TV in a small town, wishes to buy a theater too, in Kerala. Note: He is a 4th grader, but gets his intellect and sense of observation from sensible thinking and the movies. Not from the papers.

The rapport with his wife and family are so unique, but one might also be able to observe parts of it in every household.

Just before the interval is when the elder daughter, Anju, is tormented by a boy (the I.G's son), who apparently has a video of her changing in the women's room. She takes it to her mom, Meena, and they accidentally end up killing the guy.

The escapade begins. 

George and his family is now in extreme panic. George thinks of ways to keep his family safe, whilst trying to reduce the doubts that the police might end up having. He ends up routing the SIM from the boy's phone to Maharashtra, sinking the car in the quarry he had heard of, and disposing off of the body. He also stages a 2 day trip to a nearby town to prove that he wasn't there in the town when the boy died. He perfectly executes it too. George also trains his family to face the quick-witted police and their investigations, sheer brill.

But the boy's mom is the Inspector General who senses something weird. The cops end up finding them guilty but with no concrete evidence, because George has executed it brilliantly. When the family is beaten up but the corrupt police officer, the youngest one spills the bean out. She tells them where the body is buried.

Only to find out our George has another plan perfect for this situation. This works just perfectly with the help of the media and he is set free as there is no strong evidence against the family. His goodwill amongst the people in the town act as yet another pillar of support. Realizations!

Verdict: Watch the movie for a sweet and tangy feeling, you will end up with. A well developed story, that is very well acted and directed, to cherry top every else that is good.