Sunday, December 21, 2014

Invalidating life

Foreword- Recently saw this written on someone's blog- "This is my blog and I will write whatever I want." Which suddenly made so much sense to me. Because I wanted to write content that everyone might love. Not anymore. I will be penning down much more often from now on.

Watched PK, good movie, sensible put to the Indian mentality. I saw it in Salem (a small city in Tamilnadu, South India) and was amazed to see people really clap during a few scenes. Let's for once forget the type of crowd or the dramatic irony in the movie, PK did make some sense. I did not know people in my city could appreciate a movie like this. They only dance to the hero's songs and shout and whistle at a hero's entry in the movie.

This post is related to the part in the movie, where it's validated that we need hope. We sure do. But I'm here to prove to you that hope might be the only thing that you might need, after all.

Hope will do just fine.


Can any of you live without your friends? No?
No. You can live without friends and you have a living proof of it- Me.

Yup, I have no one who loves to spend time with me. None have been in touch. No one from school or college call me. Random people barely keep me busy on whatsapp or facebook. I've done all this, but now I've stopped since I've realized that I will always remain an alien to them.

Life is good like this. I go to restaurants alone, to the theaters alone, to caves et al., alone. I don't trust perfect strangers, neither am I willing to adjust to bitchy women.


It's funny because I've stopped to even care about this emotion. If you love someone you are lucky, if the same person loves you back, you are the King. Even if another person loves you, it means that you rock his/her world. 

Love comes once and even before I felt it,. It died off, like a droplet falling on a hot pan. Pff,. vapour. It ain't touchy anymore to see romantic movies, additionally I'm also learning to stop relating to movies. I do that a lot. Hasee toh Phasee? Seriously? Who am I kidding?

Worldly pleasures.

Yup, me again. I might sound proud, which I am, for how perfect I seem to myself. 

Beat this- I: spend less money and time on petty things, do not follow bullshit or what sex symbols wear, do not do things for others, definitely do not live for them, I survive on 'simple living and high thinking' everyday, I try to learn everyday, try to spread the knowledge I acquire, try to make contact with the humans everyday, stand in his/her shoes, reason, plan to follow my passion.

And for all these reasons and more, I shall be alienated but all the humans of the world.


[Thou shall not argue.]

A religious dad who has accepted his daughter be an atheist might be a blessing, only I can tell. The moment I started to reason I started to think by myself.  And since then, I've made it a habit: 'thinking'.

I've had no imaginary friends as a kid, don't have them now either.

I have a life and I'm living it just the way I want to. Can you or have you?


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