Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Why I love Facebook

Day in and day out, in the bath and out, on laptop and on phone, you will find me fidgeting with many things, and one of them is Facebook.

Not that I love to peek into other people's lives, just that I enjoy to see them do it by themselves. Making themselves the center of attention and the viewers give them all the attention they deserve. It's two way, so it's all good?

We'll never know.


A couple of years back, at most 5 among a 50 were considered crazy, for how *crazy* they really were. Today, everyone who can take a selfie or a groupie, who can smile in weird ways with tongues out, are crazy. And that is, almost everyone of them.


The concept of the 'duck-face' during a selfie is now prevalent in India,. Thanks to the desperate women who pretend to be embracing the western culture. Men taking selfies like women are only ruining the amount of manly that they never were.

If only someone could explain to me why the eff do people duck-face, I would die in peace. And then there is the sparrow-face and the kissy-face. They really call it that, I'm not kidding.

Selfies were brilliant when they were scanty. Selfies were taken only when they were really needed. Now it's like we live in the time of the selfie bubble.


The Peshawar attack, Phil Hughes' death, and the likes were so heart-wrenching that everyone *had* to update RIP posts on Facebook. Not all RIP posts were same, they had to be different, because everyone had to establish a different way of expressing their emotions. Rajnikant's birthday was made a big deal of, well, Rajni himself is made a big deal of. Every festival, star's birthday, a star/director passing away, new movie trailer et al, suddenly everyone cares? 

This is the 'making-a-big-deal-of-everything' era. Can't really complain. 



A Foodie is someone who tastes new food in new places, NOT those who eat loads of junk at McDonalds.

Everyone comes running to join Instagram, after it was on the lyrics of the song by a local star? Oh, you seem to be so much into technology!

Everyone who has a DSLR camera is a pro and has a photography page. Only those who don't are amateurs.

Everybody is so disturbed and distressed by the Indian education system. But s/he will be engaged, married and will soon have kids who must score 'good marks' in the exam.

Posting this picture makes you proud? [Wake Up. Survive. Back to sleep.] You must be so busy surviving then. You need a standing ovation (or) a hundred likes. You will definitely get the likes, though. Everyone who liked your picture is either doing nothing or having a hard time surviving life. Only you will know the difference.

Women post only their best pictures on Facebook, they know the men and the women they hate are watching.  They are more choosy than the clothes they choose to wear. Men don't have to, the women stalk anyways.

Everyone posts about love. S/he is either waiting or giving signs to someone. No one can post that he/she is in love. Not now, when the parents are also on Facebook, thanks to Candy Crush Saga.

You love ScoopWhoop, ThatScoop and StoryPick? There must be 17 things to prove that you are so cool. I'm also certain you love 'Happiness is..' and 'Aunty Acid'.

Boy : Travelling by Bus...
Friends: bhikari, tu cycle chala...

Girl : OMG ‪#‎Travel‬ ‪#‎CityBus‬ ‪#‎Funky‬ ‪#‎CostEffective‬
Friends: Wow.. U r soo cool !!

Everyone is a traveler today. As they say, travel has become just another exercise in narcissism. 

I'm sure you had a great year. And I'm so looking forward to your posts with 'z's, selfies, bad design and bad grammar, in 2015.


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