Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Learnings from Pune, Life in Bengaluru & Feb 14

Life's been good. So good that I've had days that I wasn't just happy, but euphoric. Work is amazing, you know how start-ups are. Except for the recent minor accident that I had and that I'm limping just a bit, everything else is great! Wound is healing and so is the swelling.


Learning 1: The start-up life- One of the best things that has ever happened to the so called career path.
Learning 2: Staying with a bunch of women in a 3 bhk flat and adjusting to the different types of characters women really are. Not to forget all that Goa fun we had. Women-ish fun.  
Learning 3: Managing with food 3 times a day. Eating outside but only eating what looks and tastes healthy. Even if it means having Chokolade for dinner and chocos for breakfast. 
Learning 4: Learning to sleep with vessel noises and the maid forgetting to switch the fan back on. 
Learning 5: Learning to feel. Like the feeling of love, being broke, being loved again and rejected as non-bahu material. That just made love an imaginary chapter in the book of life. 
Learning 6: A few of the best gifts one will ever have- Spending quality time with self. Living alone. Dining alone. Riding alone. Going to the movies alone.
Learning 7: Marathi.


Been almost a month. Not going around the place just yet, but most places I've been to are just beautiful, and the roads with trees, is so refreshing! And by roads I mean the roads when they aren't crawled on with bikes and cars. Traffic is a major mention while talking of Bangalore, but no use bothering. Office is close but not too close to home. And home is where room mates are. It's a fun 5-6 km ride everyday.

The city is a 'love'ly one, and you must understand that I am literally quoting so that you get it. Any teen or tween girl/boy has a boyfriend/girlfriend or is in a relationship. It is very difficult to find a 'single' human here. Just sayin. The people here are really interesting. The women who have a guy friend or a boyfriend believe they have everything and look so happy and confident. The boys (yes, I'm using 'boys' intentionally, haven't met (m)any men in Bangalore yet).

Have got used to this city now, the people, the roads, and the traffic too. Hardly took a day though.

New people from office and from 'room-mates'. Got to know only the women though. Men from the start-up environment aka work are mostly from IIT-KGP and other IITs. Passionate brainy ones, of course, but sadly, no much fun. Who wants fun when there is passion?

Feb 14- 

Show me one man who does not wish a woman "Happy *insert chutiyapa here* day", I'll show you one girl who does not get any such wishes. Almost every woman is planning to gift her "bf" something for Feb 14. Know why? Because she wants a return gift. She smiles too much, because there is this guy, from school/college/the old workplace, wishing her "happy rose/teddy/whatever day" on whatsapp and Facebook. She is just too happy, because she has a "bf". What else does one want in life? 

Please read text on image.
You might think it sucks to be single on valentine's day. (What sucks more is when your parents want to put your profile up on the fucking matrimony websites. And you can't but play along.) But if you're a man, I'm sure you are jealous of me on the inside. I've no one to please, or gift, or whatsapp, or show any kind of special respect during the valentine's week. I wake up everyday feeling awesome, and nothing is going to change that. 

May be it's all a test, or may be not. To see and not feel. To feel will only mean forgetting a part of the past and continuing to be the awesome loner.

Life Lesson- The Basic Needs of Man & Woman: 

Men need women. And women need men. How much they need each other is arguable, and the only thing that varies is the amount of desperation.

Women need men who are impressive. They befriend the man who smiles at them, they then talk for an n-minute duration to make friends. Numbers are exchanged in the process and they become friends for life. And a male friend, well,. that's a woman's basic need. Women can never live alone. They are desperate for love and care. To get and to give.

Men need women who act like women- beautiful, dumb and crafty (many mistake crafty as being smart). All they need to do it start talking and get the girl's number. She will take care of the rest. The rest of what-so-ever she plans.

Truly free - is now my slogan for life. 


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