Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Aftermath- The Timeline.

A month gone after this... And this is exactly how I feel- 

Have been getting messages from the US of A, EmiratesNetherlandsGermany, Italy, Switzerland, UKAustralia and a few more places from all over the world. Overwhelmed! 

10 Feb- The day my parents got on my nerve.
11 Feb- The day I created the website.
12 Feb- The day I posted it.
13 Feb- The day it all started.

14 Feb- Friends of friends and other unknowns started liking the status on Facebook. As always, this post was public too. For a few, keeping it public == asking for attention. They thought I timed it for Feb 14. *poker face*

20 Feb- The Hindu Metroplus, Bangalore (& Chennai) published an article [Link]. Page 4 in the Metroplus.

2 Mar- Times Of India, page 3. [Link] & on the Tamil magazine Kungumam. [Link]

3 Mar- CNN IBN wanted an interview [Link]. It actually was my first time inside a TV studio. But I felt like I was so used to it, like I've been doing it everyday. Weirdly that happens almost always with me. After one, many others came to make new out of it. Out of me.

Barked a lot of words at a few microphones, & stared in and out of a few DV cam lenses. I had no idea who was shooting what though.

Same day on the 1st page of Indian Express. [Link]

4 Mar- A request for an interview with NDTV Ravish Kumar ji. Of course I agreed. [Link]

Same day on BBC World News. [Link]

5 Mar- NDTV talks about it again, with Ravish Kumar ji's opinion on the issue. [Link]

...FB messages, tweets keep flowing in the meanwhile... Radio/media requests as well...

8 Mar- Flew to Delhi for Women's day for CNN IBN. I had no idea what I was doing, with a camera almost constantly on my face and the mic pinned on the placket. I was asked questions by a girl who I am guessing represented all the so-called Delhi girls.

Being in Delhi and saying, "People have quite the attitude here" is like going to a fish market and complaining that it's noisy. Was fascinated by the city, Noida, and the people there but did not feel any weird. Tried the metro, neat & clean, it sure is a blessing! Flew back 9th. In the one day trip, I got to attend a Delhi wedding reception, how grand!

These days- Peace-ing out. Turning down many except a very few tier 1. Have stopped doing anything to do with the extreme South of India because quite a few people there are not taking it any positively.

Also, random people recognize me now, while I'm out. Some come and talk. Some show me and tell the others that I'm the 'matrimony profile girl' and cast a weird stare, constantly. But LG ;)

I've been constantly asking myself, if it was a big deal. And people who wrote to me, really made it seem like I've achieved something big here. I'm probably missing something here.  Meanwhile..
Thousands of messages and friend requests on Facebook
Am almost tired of answering "How you got this idea?", "What was your parents' reaction?" and "What do you want to tell to the other women who are facing the same issue?"

All I wanted was to forget about marriage, now everyday almost everyone reminds me of it. *slow claps*

And they think I asked for attention.

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  1. u beeen really lucky one, not just your parents asked you to get married, but the result when you made your website naming of your last name. Definately it must have surprized you, as not many people get so early break that too in a positve way. After reading your above blog, i started imaging what if i would have done the same think, making a own website of my last name which is "Pathan".

    Was the result would be same as of yours, as people striking and liking your post. If yes that would have certainly made my day. My Mom and Dad always says me one think, whatever happens, happens for good. Though i was not so firm beliver of the thought, but as after reading you story can say definately whatever happens, happens for goos cause.

    I never read all this real blog stories on net, it was jsut your picture whic made me attract to click on it, which i accept here on your blog. Certainly its not a crush nor like anyother movie flick, love at first sight. I really dont know whether you will at all get time to read my post, and if though you read the post but would you be replying the post as on your site you have done series of interview with all big national news channels, and if by luck you reply then i would be thinking what and how you will be reacting on my post.

    I know the post has gone too long, so i cut it here and rest my case. And certainly looking forward and fingers crossed for reading.

    Shehzad Pathan