Friday, June 12, 2015

Dil Dhadakne Do & My Worst Fears

Haha I know what you're thinking.. I do fear, yeah. Let's talk about it today.

I've always wanted to review movies. But almost everyone does that these days. There are a few who do it really well, so I'll leave it to them. I'm only going to do what I'm good at; relating movies with my life. 

After "Mad Max and the mad mad world" now it's this-

One look at the cast & the poster, and I knew I'm not going to like the movie. But we're all morbidly curious, aren't we? So yeah, I did volunteer to see the movie. In 2 parts I did, and I must say I ended up liking the movie. Weirdly, I still ponder how, but probably it's because I ended up relating it to my life.

The movie is a family drama, quite neatly done, with a dog narrating what it really feels (even-though it ain't what it might be really feeling) about the humans around it and the emotions and stories attached to them,

The characters did feel real to me. And that was something that scared me. The woman (Priyanka Chopra) who can't express that she does not love her husband, after years of marriage. The mom (Shefali Shah) who coldly ignores the fact that her husband cheats on her, because, status. 

My worst fears -

The wrong guy.

I know you'd say there is no right or wrong man. But I know there is. I'll explain.
I feared it 8 years ago (standard 12), and cried that I won't take tuition classes outside school. I feared my life would go in ruins if I fell in love that young.

Being deserved.

Now this, this is something I always will fear. It's possible that because of this I might even die alone.

I'm the one with an amazing life. I'm the truth you've been ignoring till now. I'm the one with just a wallet (and not a handbag) and shabby clothes and hair. I'm a proud loner, devoid of friends and relatives. I'm the one who looks up in a crowd of people staring into their phones. I'm the one who books a table for one. I'm one active listener who also practices empathy.

Modern Independent.
McDonalds, KFC, Starbucks, CCD Adyar Anand Bhavan.
Fastrack, SoleToSoul, Baggit Fashion street.
Pepsi, Coke, ThumbsUp Mango Milk Shake

I'm the one who treats people well. The one who is bad at comeback lines and who has never pulled legs or made fun. Ever. 

Show me one person who's all that.

Deserving the right one.

Opposites attract they say, I have no clue how it works though.

But how can someone who loves chatting with his friends all day, be with someone as boring as me (who only gets messages from dad and mom everyday)? How can someone who loves talking about himself, put up with how scared I was while I scuba-dived?

Other way round though.
(How I'd put it- But how can someone like me, be with someone who spends 18 hrs of his day staring at his phone? How can someone like me be with someone who barely listens to me?)

These days I have 2 people who really listen. The others just don't care, they have other 'friends' to chat with on Face-fucking-book and ping on Whats-fucking-app.

Remember 'Second life'? Everybody has one now.

Life after marriage.

I'm not scared of marriage, but of what happens after it.

Loners deserve loners. They'll have each other and want no one else. Spendthrifts deserve spendthrifts. They'll be excited more when they save, not spend.

You know what? This should help-

What doesn’t work
What works
A corporate job
Flexible work-life balance
Staying with parents
Keeping in touch with parents
Living like husband-wife
Living like roommates (after marriage, in a studio apartment/1BHK)
Barely travelling
Frequently exploring
No kids
Growing old, apart
Growing old, together

You know where I'm getting at right? It's simple- "I have an awesome life and I cannot jeopardize that."

Let there be peace!


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