Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Sunday Trip to Antargange

It was the Tripigator interns' last weekend in Bangalore. I pitched the Antargange cave exploration and a few seemed to be up for it.

I did read a few blogs on reaching and exploring the caves. But sometimes that keeda in you prefers exploring without research or help. We planned on meeting near tin factory (map link) at 4am.

After the Hindi Drishyam, I got like an hour or 2 to rest my eyes, woke at 3, made a few wake up calls. Reached in time and met the others. 3 bikes and the 6 of us. A 70 km ride.

This place, Antargange, is near Kolar, KA. Maps took us till the Antargange temple which was virtually marked quite behind the real temple. We had to cross the town/village to reach the temple. A few stairs and we reached the temple. There were quite a few monkeys at the temple, it was fun to watch them do their thing.

Those stairs on the extreme left... You trek through that.

It was a lovely day for a trek like this. 

A few places you just need to follow your instincts and trek along. Make use of the advantage of being in a group or take a guide. You will find local boys in the area (for sure on Sundays) asking if you need a guide. We did take one to explore the caves. 

An exhilarating experience!

After a while you get used to being among the rocks, you start feeling them under the sole of your shoes and the touch of your fingers. It's silent, peaceful and still. 

Sometimes you push forth your hands and your back behind, simultaneously, to reach the stone down under your toes. Sometimes you have to jump 5 feet. You have to push yourself up, walk across thorns and swamp grass. 

And most of the time, its actually simple to get out of the boulder that you got in. Your brain knows. And if you're in a group you have people to give you a hand. 

Me? I'm used to rocks. Thanks to my love, Pune. 

Some pictures from the trip --

We called it the 127 Hours rock.
Rocks. All around.
This was fun!
Deep inside the caves it did get dark sometimes. This was around 0930 hrs.
FYI, image is not tilted.
We got out of the caves, felt the air, lay on the rocks and decided to head back.

We took a route blindly, reached some side of the hill and got to the village looking for something to drink. No hope. Headed back to the cave and climbed down the stairs again and rode back. 

Hoping there are more trips like this and more blog posts coming out as soon as the trips are done. As they say, STAY TUNED!


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