Monday, September 7, 2015

A Fulfilling Sunday- The Big Banyan Tree Ride

It was 4am I wanted to leave. It was a Continental GT I wanted to rent, or just borrow someone's bike. It was a 200-300 km ride I wanted to go on. Alone.

Woke from Saturday night's office breezer at 10am. Nowhere except the Big Banyan Tree I could think of, because it was only my pleasure that was coming along with me. The plan I had at 10 30-

There was quite some traffic along the Bannerghatta road because it was 11am already. And then the NICE road came along. It's basically a long, neat road that gives you the feels of driving or biking, and one that connects Bangalore and Mysore. 

Gradually got to 80kmph and felt the nerves sighing down. And then peace came along.

In roads like these, you can't but think deep. Not because you're happy or sad, but because you're human and you live in a world with fellow humans who are entirely different entities. 

     It got blue after a few songs like Manchala and Raabta. Everything seemed like a myth. 'Life' felt like a myth. Love, definitely is. And all of a sudden, there was nothing more real than the moped, the road and me. 

     People, are contributors. They contribute their time, joy, sorrow and love. They get to choose who to contribute it to. Who to share it with. And some are just not made for it. 

     Then it got personal. I don't remember when I started being a loner, or when I accepted I wasn't made for friendships or love. It took time. It takes time. It only makes you stronger. 

Directions, tolls, a major right and a left and I reached the Big Banyan Tree in Kettohalli. It was a giant 400 year old banyan tree. The 4th biggest in the World. The tree and parts of the tree now live without the tree's main trunk, it seems. Pictures below- 

There were people. People posing, people eating, people staring. There also was a temple inside the place.

After a while, I found a place and solitude. 

It felt blessed that I was there, present, just me, doing what I wanted, thinking what I wanted, doing what I wanted. Suddenly there was this feeling of gratefulness. 

Also found infinity looking right at me.
And then I wanted to take a picture of a mosquito and an ant. First, I thought I might be going crazy, but very soon after the video I shot, it felt very normal. 

The OPO sure has an amazing camera.

And then came the Manchanabele dam. It was an 8 km ride from the tree. Sure was a scenic route. Loads of landscapes and green to calm you down.

Tada! There was the huge body of water...(!) Shaped a bit like India, eh?

A view of the dam.
On the way - ISTRAC - ISRO Telemetry Tracking And Command Network
Got back to Bangalore at around 5pm. Spoke to dad and mom on my way back, while on the NICE road, and told them I was speeding from 60 to 80 and they were so cool(!). I ask them how; and dad said, "I know if I tell you to go at 50 you won't listen." And then we all laughed! I was reminded of my contributors.

Pa, Ma, blessed I am with you two!

And my day wasn't done! A Supertramp (who is currently in Delhi) from my non-existent Supertramp club called while I was getting back. Then, I met the Kulkarnis (ex-colleagues from Pune). One had come from Hyderabad for the weekend and the one that now works in Bangalore wanted to catchup. It was Corner House with one, and BarCode with the other. I was with people! And all of this, while it was pouring like the skies were weeping. 

Fulfilling IS the word!

How was your Sunday? 


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