Friday, September 25, 2015

Idea #1- The Chiip Store


Simply put- Street shopping online. Targeting the female crowd, majorly, of course.

The backstory- 

I had this in mind when I was in Pune. Like 1.5-2 years back. Even executed it to an extent. The time I also Eritta's Attire (Eritta is 'attire' backwards). Eritta's Attire was my fashion blog, it does not exist anymore though. I put up photos of my attire, that looked photogenic and were less than 1000 bucks, head-to-toe.

It was normal that I, too, shopped from the fashion street. But point is, I had a good eye. For clothes. My roommates used to take me shopping (for them) and they always liked my choices.

The Chiip Store was born.

I do feel like a novice now. But I really liked the logo back then. The dots were supposed to be like a filter, less price, and stuff. 


I tried to bring it to life. I had ideas (will talk about this soon) that could have been implemented inside The Chiip Store. And of course I looked into registering a company.

Here's all that I did-

- Created a logo
- Created social pages
- Printed visiting cards (Heh)
- Did multiple trips to fashion street in Pune
- Printed out tags (for the clothes)
- I took copies of a form with the logo and all, for the sellers- with check boxes of what they were selling us (clothes, shoes, watches etc)
- Looked at DTDC, speed post and all other delivery options
- Looked at the possibility of maintaining a warehouse
- Also looked at the possibility of taking the Tiruppur Handloom and bulk export wholesale thing, online
- Made a photography lighting box
- Tried to take good pictures of a few dresses, shoes and watches at fashion street, Pune


We all know how women love shopping and the fashion streets of cities. Bringing that fun online isn't an easy task.

These are a few ideas I had for The Chiip Store-

1. To send a earring or some catcher as a complimentary gift to those who shop above 500 (or something).

2. A showcase image full of handbags or shoes. And if one clicks on one bag/shoe in that big image, they will be taken to its individual details. Window shopping enabled.

3. Guest blogging via the budding fashionistas in the country, yes.

4. Pitch the USP as- Hand picked clothes. Head to toe attire. All under 1000/- INR.

5. Blog about fashion hacks etc.

6. Wanted to get my mom into the business too. She does earrings and necklaces as her hobby.

I probably had a few more ideas, don't really remember all of it right now.

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