Friday, September 25, 2015

Idea #3- The Newsletter Manager


A web app where one can select the newsletters he wants to receive. And customize the entire experience of news digest and information intake via emails.

The backstory- 

2 years back this idea happened. I wanted to maintain the newsletters that pour in my Gmail. Also to read more, not only on technology, but a good mix of other stuff also.

The Idea- 

Imagine unsubscribing to all the emailers that pour in your promotions folder. (Haven't researched as to how one can do this in a few simple clicks, but there has to be a solution to mass unsubscribe.)

Imagine a website where you can select sports, technology, bikes, fashion and more such categories/genres, and you get to see all the famous websites that have to offer weekly/monthly/any frequency newsletters. You only have to tick the ones that you want and select a template or something to show it in the way you want to see it and you're done.

Monetization was definitely on my mind.

Email news. Managed.

Like this one? Do let me know what you think in the comments below or mail me at if you want to build something like this. 


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