Sunday, October 18, 2015


Disclaimer: It's mostly love and emo, would be great if you don't read if you don't want to.

I write these days. I don't know when, I don't know why. But it feels lighter after I do. I like it. 

Yesterday I took a print of my photo and I loved feeling it in my hands. Taking it off the virtual

But today I burned my poetry, because I was tired of writing melodramatic stuff. Makes me feel human, all this writing. But emo accumulated makes you read it. Reading it makes you want it. And I don't want to want it. I'm out, thanks to my fruitful distractions, and of course my brain. Oh, and eff you heart. 

Yes I took of picture of it burning. I wanted to see it again and write about it here. So that I forget it soon. My happy needs me. 

Moving on- Now this one, I love. One of my most special writings - 

Someday I'll show you that song
That song that scares me
Scares me of dying alone
Dying alone without you
Without you who I want
I want to wake up to
Wake up to everyday
Everyday till I die someday.

Do you get why it's special? For those who don't, it's this- the last part of one line, begins in its next line. 

Now the others, they are just drama. Emotive & subjective.

I know I can't be loved. 

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

This one below is for my parents, The song in the reference is this one - Link

Back to lovey-dovey shit; I love this one too. The last two lines!

Let's hibernate in us
Till the universe wakes us up.

References to 'Rolling in the Deep'. Yes.
My love, my lion, my sugar.

Reject. Abandon. Ignore.

In one world or another.

I wanted my mind to feel the peace and my body, the pain.

I will not be the weak person I was yesterday. 

Here's to tomorrow!


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