Monday, November 30, 2015

The Sunday trip to DD hills @ Devarayanadurga

This week it was the Bullet 500. I so badly wanted to escape out of the city this weekend, and DD Hills (75 kms away from Bangalore) & BR hills were the options. Colleagues wanted an escape too, and we also had Horsley hills in mind now. DD was fixed and very determinedly we left at around 0430 hours.

We took our own time because we also had an Activa with us. We stopped at a CCD near Tumkur too. A group of Harleys and Triumphs sped past us and yes, jaws did drop. It was a scooter, a sports bike and a cruiser. 6 people on 3 bikes, for awhile it felt quite new for someone who had lost hopes in group trips/tours. Me.

The routes, so green and scenic and all that. Definitely a pleasure to the rider. I knew everything that would have happened to me if I had gone alone and I'd say it kindah got lost with company, I don't know why I feel this way, but I do. Solo, my dearest. 

We loved the zone, and at first, it was a destination we were looking for. After chilling on a few rocks and clicking a few pictures we knew it was going to be a very random trip and we really had no plan.

We reached the end of the road to find a P.W.D office. Chilled at a boulder near that.

There was a temple and stairs leading to it, we weren't really keen so we skipped that. Will go there the next time, I will. We found a smaller hill near Uridgere and climbed it halfway. Felt the strong breeze, lay down and felt the rock on our backs and the mild sun shining on our faces.

We saw a lake from a smaller hill we climbed, we went there next. Talked, clicked and chilled. We retreated, planning to stop at a dhaba- Chandu Punjabi dabha; wasn't great but we were hungry so it was alright.

It was a great ride/trip and I also got to be a pillion this time, for a while. It was not a solo ride this time and it did feel good, if I may add. We took the NICE road on the way back and exit-ed at Hosur road. A cute little trip on a fulfilling Sunday.


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