Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Movie Review: The Little Prince

Growing up.

This movie has given it a very used-to but a neater dimension to it. The story is a bit abstract and it follows the voice of an old bearded aviator. Here's the cast- The aviator (the old uncle), the girl, the mother, the fox, the businessman and the rose. 

The mother wants to make her kid a very good and a very well taught grown-up. The kid is almost exactly how 'kids these days' are. The aviator tries to build and fly a broken plane he once rode. He is kind, light-hearted and friendly, for which people keep distance. The city they live in is all grey and organized and planned. The aviator is color and chaos. He wants to tell his story to someone. He shoots a paper plane to the girl who is a new neighbor. 

It's the story of how he meets the Little Prince. She is a child. A kid. She's curious. She gives it back and asks more about the Prince. The girl likes color and chaos but mother does not. Because the girl has to grow up and it's the duty of the mother to help her get there.

I remember being curious. Although I don't remember how or when it died. Now it's all coming back to me. 

There are a few amazing scenes that will mess your brain up and tear your heart up. 

I was reminded of how mature I used to look when I was 16 and how I used to smirk at the camera. Now I behave child-like and laugh at the camera. Is this growing up? I don't know. May be it's just how I chose to grow up. 

I've had and still have people wanting me to grow up and act adult-ish and decently in front of other people. 

I tell people I'm going to take a piss, I call people papa and mama, I run around in office, I climb on the desks, I make paper planes, I call other people a kid (because I get to see that side of them) and I laugh when everyone else does, even if I don't get the joke. May be I act immature, or may be it's being ignorant. There is no work on the brain and I like it when my top floor goes vacant. 

For all I know I can feel people for who they seem to be and who they really are. I know empathy. I can feel the goodness this movie gave me. I also noticed how the aviator was single and the mother husband divorced-ly away from home. I love without expectations and help without ever asking for favors. 

Life can't be any more lighter or beautiful. I've all I got and I'm a grown up kid. That's probably everything I'll ever need, to be at peace. 

“Growing up is not the problem, forgetting is.”

Forgetting to be a kid.

P.S- The 'switch' coming very soon. 


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