Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Choices v1.0

Everyday morning is a beautiful new day. I open my eyes thinking what an amazing sleep I had and what a lovely morning it is, in this sweet life of mine.

It could be another Monday to work after a beautiful Sunday, but that comes later. Such positivity in the morning will not let you compromise on the life you already have. And if you're there you'd know how to strengthen that feeling of goodness; not how to ruin it. And there is a constant feeling that life can't get any better.

Stories from different times of the past life to follow -

The first YouTube video

August 2009, The Microsoft Student Partners application process was on and I had to submit a video, about a Microsoft technology. Recorded a decent video and uploaded it on YouTube. [Note that the Indhuja in 2009 was way different that who I am now. A few would still remember. I'll explain it in detail as we discuss.] A spam comment read "You look sexy. (or something that sounded very similar with 'sexy' in it)".

And my dad being a very conservative dad that he was, demanded that I take the video down. I was no rebel, I was about to take it down when I thought I'd look the guy up, I googled the username and found that it was spam. Tried explaining it to dad and because I was convinced that it was some bot, I fought for the video to remain on YouTube. I became an MSP, addressed over 6000 students on technology, improved public speaking along the way.

If I had removed the video, life wouldn't have been the same.

The first love

2009 again. During the bachelor degree I was infatuated and goddamn strong about marrying this guy in my class. Since he was from another religion, I had to fight my dad and I also remember the cold wars we used to have. I might have been stupid but I definitely don't regret anything right now.

A point came when it was crystal clear that he is not in my future, and things snapped in me, for good. No tears, no pain, I broke it with silence. No one knows how or why. Would have had a difficult wedding, an immature and a painful life with kids.

If I had continued to love him to marry him, life wouldn't have been the same.

The first letter

Now this is a little funny. Happened sometime in 2011 probably.

I wrote my first 'real-life' letter. To my dad. Requesting a haircut.

I gave it to him and climbed the bus to college. Came back home and he granted me to have it cut till my shoulders. Slowly shortened it to reach what I have now, a boy cut. For some reason I feel my hair cut has contributed a lot in me becoming a strong woman that I think I am now. May be because I had to fight my dad and a lot of other people among the cousins. People mistake me for a guy these days, but I'm only proud of it now.

If I hadn't cut my hair, I wouldn't have learnt how to fight. And probably would have had head lice and loads of dandruff (Yes, I used to).  And life wouldn't have been the same.

The first job

First quarter of 2012, final year of college and I attended loads of interviews. Had around 6 offers from companies like HCL, Sutherland, an internship offer from NI, Bobcares and a few other minor usual names.

Chose the startup offer from Pune because it felt right at that time. Infact it felt so right that my parents were convinced about me being convinced. Both 'startups' and 'Pune' are an integral part of my life now.

I would have experienced loads otherwise also, but life's super good now isn't it? Very sure it wouldn't have taken me anywhere better than where I am now.

If I hadn't chosen the startup offer, I'd be some senior associate or a manager working under 5 other senior managers. I wouldn't have become the satisfied UI/UX designer that I am now, and life wouldn't have been the same.

The lost choices

I was pretty good at sports. Was an athlete, played basketball in school and badminton in college decent enough to win in the singles and doubles, all 4 years of college. Dad was too conservative about coaches to let me be an athlete or a player. Or a singer or a dancer. All I needed was direction and practice. But I'd like to thank my dad for not letting me. I can play badminton and I can sing and dance (not at the same time though, lol), but yes that feels enough to the heart.

Have been looking at it as regrets for a few years, but not anymore.

If I had become an athlete or a player or a singer or a dancer, life wouldn't have been the same would it?

Choices weren't really lost were they?

Now that's a good way to look at things isn't it? Life's putting it all very neatly I'd say. And this is just the beginning, the v1.0, loads of stories and learnings to follow in the versions to come.