Friday, September 9, 2016

'Used to' v1.0

Sometimes I try to wrap my head and everything else with one word or one thing that sounds substantial. 'Used to' wraps up quite nicely and it also sounds like something to be written about. 

Coming to think of it, we humans got used to planet Earth. We evolved to get used to the water, the land, and the air here. We get used to the people around us. Infact, friends and relationships start with one person getting used to another. 

Brain + used to

I look up to my brain for solutions and I am amazed at how it works and at the wonders it does to me. It’s like my God, no wonder it sits inside the temples. Now the brain, it got used to a few things. The few things that shaped my life to be this bubble I’m float-dancing in. 

Getting the brain used to something is the real deal. First you convince it, then, the brain gets used to something. And convincing the brain needs a lot of patience and logic. 

For example, I have convinced my brain that the loner life is going to be my way of life. I enjoy being alone, riding alone and traveling solo. I only have my shoulders to cry on and my ears to listen to what I speak. I am used to this. 

Now until I start enjoying the company of someone more than I enjoy solitude, there is no damn reason for my brain to change. In other words, until the brain is proven wrong, it will continue to be convinced by the fact of the ‘happy loner’. 

Talking to yourself and travelling solo to find your true self is all valid because when you talk to yourself or the mirror, you talk directly to your brain. 

Whether you talk, laugh or cry to yourself, it all goes straight up denying gravity. Talk to it, and discuss on what will make life happier. Laugh your heart out, and genuinely convince the brain to get used to looking at you smile and laugh. Cry, and train the brain to care very little for what made you cry. 

Diving deeper, if we notice, all the so-called happy couples are only used to each other better. Which is also exactly why it’s an advantage when you can finish someone’s sentences. It’s not always because you two think in the same way. It’s because you are used to him/her. And you know how he/she thinks. 

Change + Used to

Gets a little complicated when this word and this phrase is together.

1. It’s difficult to change when you’re used to something. 

Not all of us live the same life, we all have different stories to tell. When someone is used to something, there probably is a reason as to ‘why’ he/she is used to it. It’s only human of us to try and understand ‘why’ people do what they do. 

2. You change as you get used to things.

The best example I can give, is only of myself. So here comes an example - 

I think I’ve changed a lot in the past month. August was the month of the typhoid and change, for me. 

For someone who was only injected last at the age of 3, to carrying (a cannula) a needle-like-tube injected in my vein for 5 days, I did very well. For someone who hasn’t been to the hospitals, to getting blood and urine tests done, I did very well. I expected the injections to hurt or atleast prick a little, I felt no pain. 

And for the days spent at home trying to regain the 8 kilos, I’ve seen, heard and felt a lot of things in very little time. During this very little time is when I realised that my parents have their own way of understanding things. For instance, dad will convince himself and everyone else that everything will be alright even before he listens to the problem. And mom will never truly know what I’m talking about. That’s something they are used to and I also understand why. 

And in no time I was convinced that I’ll only have me listening to me, forever. Listening actively is an art and I also think it might die real soon. Now that people seem to be enjoying insults and leg pullings, I don’t think listening would be as much fun. 

And right when I’m about to lose faith in people, I find myself. 
There's truly no better thing to get 'used to' than to yourself.