Friday, October 14, 2016

Madurai - Tanjore - Mahabalipuram

It all started with the urge of going on a ride during the long weekend of Dusshera. I planned a circuit last minute, got every drop of my adrenaline flowing, and rode to Salem for breakfast on the 8th of October.

On the way I wanted to visit the college I graduated from, just to say hi to all the staff that hated me in college. It was a good visit, except that it took a lot of time and I had to miss dad's calls to scare the hell out of him (as if something happened to me on the way home). My bad. Now they wanted to come on the trip too, and also because it was terribly hot, I kindah found a comfortable excuse to take the comfortable air-conditioned route with them. 

That's okay. I do give in, I sometimes even quit. But only when it seems right to me. So I decided to park my bike in Salem and sit in the car and go to the places I had planned to ride to. I had  to drop Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi, and Tharangambadi because of lack of time and because they weren't keen to visit. It did feel a little terrible to compromise. But hey(!), we get used to everything don't we?

So here's what happened - Bangalore - Salem - Madurai - Tanjore - Mahabalipuram - Chennai - Salem - Bangalore. 

Just a random picture from Tanjore

Started from Salem at 3pm and reached Madurai at around 7pm. Checked in and rested for the day. 

The next day we were off to the Meenakshi Amman Temple. Oh it was huge, yes. And crowded. We stayed at the Moskva Hotel and loved it there. Also met a college mate (and her super cute 1 year old) in Madurai on the way to Tanjore. 

We went in the special entry to see the main God. The one thing I've always hated about temples and the system, had to happen to me here. Mildly terrible again. 

One ceiling in the Thirumalai Naikar Mahal, so grand! Oh, should I mention the grandness of the mahal or the terribleness of the maintenance?


Checked out from Madurai and drove to Tanjore on the 9th. Reached around 7pm again and rested the night.

The next day we visited the majestic Brihadeshwara temple and witnessed the many wonders it holds. Suggest you read more about them on Wiki, than from here.

Oh, and don't forget to buy yourself some Ashoka halwa at the Andavar Halwa Shop in Thiruviyaru. And that's where everyone called me Thambi (Tamil for young brother), because, you know they thought I was a boy, only this time I really did look like one. They weren't really confused this time.

They say that the tip of this gopura's shadow never falls on the ground.

Tanjore ended with my parents talking complaining ranting about me being happy by myself. Mom asked me to see a psychiatrist and dad was just plain confused as to what can be done with me. Slowly, in came the 'marriage' and out went my 'patience'. They asked me to 'get used' to marrying the guy and his family, now that they know I can get used to things real fast. Brilliant thinking!

It's like if you starve the parents without food or water for a couple of days or so and offer them food or water or me marrying a guy, I'm sure they'll choose marriage over their own lives. Madness, I tell you.

Argument only makes way for more argument, the only solution I could find is to shut up.


As always I woke up to a new day forgetting a lot of things and it was a cloudy morning at the shore. The shore temple stole the show, and the other places like the 'descent of the ganges', the butter ball etc, are very close to each other. One day seemed like a lot to be spending at M.puram, so we left to meet some cousins in Chennai. But again, if you love knowing about everything about the sculptures and the architecture, you will need the time you need.

It was a good trip. The places visited, the roads enjoyed, the photos captured, the people met, the topics discussed and all the other wonders that a good trip gives you, will remain as memories. Memories that I forget to remember.

More soon...