Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ramblings and realisations


With realisations taking me by surprise almost every other day, there has been one hard hitting truth I have been trying to understand better; About how mediocre I really am and how it is really perfect to be in terms with that. As they say, it's only you who has to be convinced of yourself. I'm not very interesting, not much of a perfectionist, not... a lot of the most basic of thingsBut I can very well live with that.

To "live with" a few things has taken me forever to learn. I am still learning to put up with things that do not please me. With people who do not please me. Putting up is one level, living with is another. To strike a balance between the two and to understand which you need to do where, is even more important.

Infact, a year ago I wasn't that person who binge watches anything. Now I am someone who has done it with GoT and Friends. And I never even knew I could even watch Friends in the first place, with people laughing in the background after every joke and every sarcastic comment passed. I am now someone who likes it and finds it amusing/interesting because it deals not just with people but the different kinds of people living with one another.

I do give in to influence, but sometimes there are things that don't get through and things that will never get through, like smoking.

Black - Grey - White

People and situations come across as black, grey and white. Strong, confused and weak. But most times it's only confusing why anyone did whatever they did.

For instance,
- getting influenced very easily might make me weak,
- but it also gets confusing when I've to decide if I really have to take it up.
- And when I finally decide for myself, I feel strong.

People get influenced by people all the time. It might look like the ones that seem strong and confident influence the ones that seem weak, but it ain't true and it doesn't matter, because interestingly none of it remains a constant. As in, someone who was weak isn't always weak.

New isn't always bad. It isn't always good either. Weak isn't always bad. It isn't always good either.

It's only when we know ourselves enough that we'll be able to choose the best for ourselves.

Teachings from the room

I have quite the messy room and I barely spend time cleaning it. And yesterday when I did clean the room and sort the cupboard out, a few things hit me.

There were a few things that I did not want and a few dicy things as to why I would ever need them and a few things I definitely needed (immediately or some day). And also the clothes that kept lying around; the ones I wear all the time, those I never wore and those I don't want to wear.

And organising the clothes and stuff are never going to remain organised, we all know that. The only way was to go minimal. Those formal skirts and kurtis are cuddling each other to sleep and the recurring tees, pants, buffs and the socks are all that are in the now. And since I never fold the clothes, I am going to just try and keep them unfolded, but yet somehow organised.

Workarounds- Because I know I'm lazy. It might sound weak to be lazy, but yet to be working around it and finding ways to still keep it simple and organised; I feel strong as hell to even be writing about it now.


Now this is a big word that hits us one time or another. It's alright to be confused and it's alright to NOT know the purpose of life. But to make up your own purpose and to force others to live that way isn't cool. If marrying and reproducing sounds like a good purpose to you, you go ahead and do it. It ain't fair that you thrust it down someone's life and make them choke on it.

Some times it's very healthy to know exactly what you want. Many times it's also wise to be knowing what exactly you do not want.

And it's only natural that we get confused, because our time here, is a one way road, and we are all first-timers in this life of ours. To be able to live the same life another time; we'd all try to do much better, be more healthier, wealthier and in turn, more happier.

Now I don't think I'll get to be living this beautiful life again, so I think I'm going to try to live through this one as happily and lively as I possibly can.

But life can't be all happy; and to accept that itself takes a lot of sadness, time and courage. And when we are down, this isn't really the first thought that comes to us. To be bothered by something means you remember and you keep reminding yourself what actually bothered you in the first place. And with that thought and realized, I trained to forget.

And self-realisations and self-trainings are like the mini enlightenments of the soul.


Zindagi means life in Hindi and yes there is something that impressed me in the movie Dear Zindagi. The movie, for one, wasn't as preachy as the trailer seemed to be, which was a relief. And for me, it simply was worth the time, the money and the takeaway.

In the movie, the therapist explains relationships in a way that got me thinking. He talks in the lines of this...

"...there are different relationships, all good in their own way, like a relationship where it's perfect to grab a coffee with the other person or the one where you can discuss books and deep thoughts with the other person. Why does it always have to the romantic relationship that has to take all the weight all the time?" 

It doesn't have to be comfortable with everyone all the time, does it? And I'm sure happy couples are just those that know how compatible they are with each other. I wouldn't really know though.


After getting out of home and meeting new people from different cultures, it has been intriguing to be knowing different people with different passions being crazy in their own way. When you start growing deeper roots into yourselves, you begin to empathise and start to reason the opinion you form/ed of them.

And these are the people who teach you a thing or two, during their time in your life. It's amazing to meet people who pin themselves to be the center of the universe and people who are really smart and dextrous, but seem like they aren't even aware of it.

We all have that one raw form of ourselves, that we show only to the ones we want to. That bare vulnerable form of us, that has to be handled with utmost care.

And when we give it to someone and trust that it's safe there, that is when we open up, that is when we fall in love, that is when frequencies match, that is when bonding happens and that is when you know you have someone in your inner circle. That is also probably when you know you have a friend. [These days everyone calls everyone a friend, thanks to Facebook and showing off all the people you ever know.]

Now this comic I love -

Cheers to the raw us! Happy life people!