Monday, March 23, 2020

What's up?


Yes, it's been long since I wrote about my musings, and the older posts seem mediocre and alien already. I'm 29 now and while the body ages, the mind is still its own sane self.

And while in self-quarantine, I write again, reminiscing of what life was... and what life is.

The not so recent past

Salem saw me grow and go to college. It saw a shy stupid school-goer grow into an aspiring internet-loving wannabe geek in college. It saw me be with someone who was never in my league. It saw me take up a low paying job in Pune. 

Pune saw me wearing different hats. It saw me move into an apartment and taught me how to live with flatmates. It got me to see some caves, roam free and eat delicious food all while exploring the city, alone. It saw me fall in and out of love because I didn't want to settle down. And one fine day, the start-up moved to Hyderabad.

Hyderabad fed me awesome biryanis and chutneys but things got stagnant and life felt stale. I learned photography to distract myself, but it wasn't right or enough. And in 4 months, I quit my job and fled the city.

Bangalore saw me fall in love with motorbikes. It saw me go viral and fight for freedom to live my life, in my time. It saw me wanting to be with someone out of my league. It saw me learning to see people; shut up and listen to people; even try to heal people. It saw me go on rides at 4am all alone. It saw me try to make "outside" connections and distance from the very same connections in a matter of days. It saw me losing faith in creating a circle outside of the home and work circles.

Bangalore saw me tear my ligament more than once. It saw me struggling to keep an outside connection. It saw me trying to love someone who was mature, but angry and broken. It saw me move on because I was neither mature nor angry. It saw me break it because being really alone was much better. And then, it saw me tear a ligament again.

Bangalore saw me pause riding for a while, and start again with an Activa alongside Sugar. Now, this Activa was what I'd always wanted- only without a beard. After a few awkward dinner dates, working together, escaping from rooms and riding for dosa, we started planning longer trips. And just like that, I wasn't a loner anymore. We went to places I've already been to and it was like music-- it was beautiful repetition.

Bangalore saw me open up and be a goofball with a fellow goofball. It saw us embrace our brokenness and see each other as one entity- far beyond race, backgrounds, and gender. It saw us quit our jobs together and decide to look for better opportunities from Goa. And Goa, because Kerala had Nipah.

Goa saw us living together, cooking together, freelancing together, and looking for a next career move; all in such harmony. It saw us admire its beaches, its people and its roads. It saw us buy groceries and take out the garbage. It made us see how simple and peaceful life could be, far from the traffic and the hustle-bustle. It saw us competing reasonably to get the same job in the same city we had targeted- Berlin.


It's been more than a year now and days fly by with us being goofballs at our little abode. Life has never been boring, and there's always travel plans to be made and escape rooms to be booked and reviewed. There's always zoos to be treaded together and museums to be jointly awed at. There's a language to be learned and experimental food to be cooked.

A spacious smart home isn't something I've wanted. But living a harmonious and comfortable life in Berlin is something we're grateful and proud of every single day. We've been to so many places and played so many games. Too many, that we're now writing about it here.

All of this, and it's just us. Social distancing is something we've been doing for a long time and we're nothing but two people of the same persona, living the same life, with the same two circles.

Berlin sees us living it up. 

So what's up with y'all?


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